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some other creation . .
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edragon some other creation . .
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-27 04:55:35 cool colouring ^_^
R0B3R7 2008-04-27 11:46:37 i like the colors ^^ is he missing an arm tho? or does he just have 5...
gatrosk 2008-04-27 19:38:57 Nicely done! Nice coloring!
edragon 2008-04-28 06:54:26 he's got 6 arms. the other one is just conveniently hiding behind his body :) ha ha ha.
R0B3R7 2008-04-28 21:00:57 lol k ^^ nice one
Def Character 2008-05-02 15:56:42 creepy b^_^
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Random art
hi yuX.... excellent drawing! felt like coloring it... so here it is...hope u don't mind.
Just a sketch a made in about 10 minutes inbetween coloring another drawing. Made mainly to practise profiles. Because basically I really suck at profiles. It's Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It's the bathroomscene, right before Harry walks in on him crying.
A drawing of Prince Dooshi and Prince Akil, Nai and Kazi's little brothers.
fast sketch, I maby work out, but I dont no wat to make of it. 
do U have any suggestions?
Is first page of my manga "Dream Catchers"
Just something I did in spanish class, tell me what you think..

Not real happy with the scanner, but meh. Gets the point across. :/
Artwork Lozz  
Colour Def.

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Def Character
Old commission, traditionally inked and then coloured with Photoshop. It was just supposed to be the Seraphim but at the end I was asked to do a background and so I threw together the 2nd version. I love the clouds.
U freezed up on me for the last time damned !! >:(  .......  kekekek well yesterday me and photoshop had some issues xD .. made totaly in photoshop tho XD
getting back into the swing of things.  Haven't been drawing anything cool for quite some time.  Here ya go!
Ive been doing a lot of character designs/sketches lately (basically lack of time makes me.. :P) So heres my first dwarf since Im big on the whole medieval stuff these past weeks. Theres some un-dwarfly features here and there, but I wanted an original design first and accuracy second. Hopefully ill get to use this guy more in the future, fun stuff!
The Raging Spaniard
This is the cover of my supposedly BST series -_-
this is another one of the sory i have with 2 other friends.
this one is charlie and she has the power of wind (like you can see she's flying)

i know she's really to thin in the middle, thats to bad :(

i hope you like it!