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I draw my friend, Garyu
She's so cool!
and she like it! LOL glad! ^~^
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aki I draw my friend, Garyu She's so cool! and she like it! LOL glad! ^~^
Zeph 2008-04-22 22:10:34 nice job
R0B3R7 2008-04-22 23:33:45 i kinda like the one on the left =]
Def Character 2008-04-24 16:14:54 b^_^d
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Random art
hey its finished! remember that sketch i did a few weeks ago? well here is the end results! what do you thinhk, would you go see the movie?
Dustin C.
I know it's not perfect
If I find sometime I gonna remake this one^_^
Darkrai's Gijinka(human form).:3
An Aceo fan art of Priss Asagiri from Bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040. 

I did this for Avcon this year, and sold a couple of them :D

Character not mine. It is Fan art.
tja long time no see haha
here is a other one ^^
This was done in ballpoints during one of the many boring days on my job....where I can draw. Jay! I hope you can give some C&C on this since I wish to improve a lot. I know the shoulders are way too large...I always draw them like this >_<
secutary^-^ i was just messing around on ms paint and theres the outcome ^0^ i hope u like it!!!!!
pen sketch
Fanart of Naruto.
Rainbow Girl! Well...this is a project from school. I’m making a magazine and she is the mascot ^_^ she’s made up from an other character of mine. It’s a different style.

I did this fairies wallpaper for a friend of mine, she's the drummer in her band and loves fairies so i gave her this :3
Another colored page from my webmanga series which can be read freely at I hope you guys enjoy it. :)
not finished but i like it so far, wow is been a while.. again
Alissa and Peter again, both my characters ^_^