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flying dragon bug thing
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edragon flying dragon bug thing
Def Character 2008-04-18 18:42:59 I don't want to find that in my cola coming summer >.<
R0B3R7 2008-04-18 22:16:57 wow nice ^^ very creative and nice tail xD
gatrosk 2008-04-19 15:55:11 haha i love it!
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-20 15:36:50 cool ^^
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"RETRO" a pic with Wonder Woman and She-Ra in a kinda retro style
Going on with the non violence drawing here. It's always weird how my original ideas seem to turn out to something different, like this.
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I don't know why i drew this it kind of just fit the moment.
A fanart of Rurouni Kenshin, 
I love that serie!!! ^_^

I already finished it, (This is the first picture made by me and that i can say i like).
Hope she does not longer resemble Yuna. Please C&C
there is a story behind this pic, (too long to type). what i like of it: ahhh open canvas, the solution to all my background problems :D, yes i like the background, i like the colors too. what i dont like, i cant do horizontal nor vertical lines ??" , the floor wasnt supouse to look like that ??", oh i few things i have to say: 1- if you see this pic too bright is because my monitor is NOT sets very bright (i dont wanna to go blind before turning 21) 2- that thing she is holding is a hamburguer 3- this was a quick sketch and quick colorwork. C&C welcome =3
Hina. That one girl character I never draw, hahaha. D: It's a pity, because she's really quite fun to doodle.

I need to draw my female characters more often.
A random sketch I drew at the back of my textbook! xD
sailor jupitor!

HB pencil

so i had to draw hands fro my har teacher.... so i did sailor jupitor! her eyes are really close together... but whatever, thats the biggest flaw and its not THAT bad.

my submission for the soon to be announced 'horror' contest!
(don't mind the feraky colours , I got lazy and messed everything up!)