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I hope you like this one ^^
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Nagashiwa I hope you like this one ^^
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-17 11:42:09 yes i like it but the head of the gay with the brown jacket is a little to small b^^d
Def Character 2008-04-18 18:24:48 I guess he ment the skull of the guy with the brown jacket 6^^
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Random art
Hey i havent been on here in ages bout 8 years , heres a drawing from back in 2012 :) , i have a lot of old work on here id like to delete  does anyone know how i can do that ? Cheers

- Wacom Graphirre 4
- Manga Studio EX
- Adobe Photoshop CS3

Estimate Time: 4 Days
Bookmarks!! This one is from Sailor Moon too! ^^ Colored: Photoshop 5.5 (yeah I know very old -.-') But that was 6 months ago XD I found a image of this, so I drew it X3
Quick 11 minutes sketch I made of my girl. Colored it within an hour. So fast work, that still looks kinds nice.
Need to upload more and more. waaaaaa :3
My Gaia character cosplaying as Wonka ;D
I've been holding out on the galleria members.. I've already shown this on the forum..It's a fanart of Dustin C's manga "Draw" that one can find in the membermanga section on this site^^
Def Character
and here's the final result hope it can be seen here.
oh and if you want to use it, feel free to do it
Best one I made so far at least
A bit of costume design.... (the pants....)  As always, comments are always greatly appreciated! ^^
Another character...sry bout the lighting (let's hope the size is a bit better)...yeah i eyes

Zydrate Robber
well it maby isnt really anime but i still want to show it this is for a game that me and 2 other class mates are going to make it will be a raptor like game only than totaly modeld in 3d max and this will be a enemy aircraft carrier. i know the persepective is of here and there but still injoy ^^
no witty/informative description needed, it's vash the stampede!