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aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
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pencil no jutsu aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
edragon 2008-04-13 19:25:24 kewl, me likes the demonic monsters!
AILEEN 2008-04-22 01:24:04 i think this is the best among all of your drawings. Ches/Shoulders/Arms look good. Midsection needs chiseling. Just divide the abs into 6 - 8 parts.
AILEEN 2008-04-22 01:27:23 But again, this looks good!
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-26 11:05:45 i deliberately did not show his stomach muscles ^^
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-03-29 07:46:52 nice job,he's really scary :P
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OpenCanvas - 2007
This is my charecter Momoei.
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this is a self portret of me. it's from a couple of years ago and witha little fantasie around me.. and?
Well i havent uploaded in a while so i deceided to draw something quick. I deceided to try and draw something chibi, never did that before.. turned out  quite funny i think. Ill draw something better when ive got the time again.. Bye ^^

Part 3 of my Series Girls with Big... Reptiles!
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-----------[[[UPDATED]]]-----------  >_> sorry i have been gone for so long again. Anyway, here is a little drawing i just finished. Basically what i wanted to practice was large objects, in this case the tank xD but i did it too small and i doesnt seem like one x.x and his eyes are too apart
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eehm one of my soul chars hehe
I drawed her in Candidate for godess mode tell me your opinion^^'
this is Selenite, she is a summonor who can use magic to call upon great mythological creatures. the position was difficult XD but I think it turned out fine ( is this face better? )
Dante-Chan is SUCH a cute Doll >w<

from the manga Vampire Doll
hi everyone, it's been a long time (again) ^-^;;;; So i drew this, yes its my avatar at gaia. Not much to say, nothing extraordinary about it. What i like: her hands, for once i like them!!! that's it ***openCanvas - wacom - 4hs. - 3 cups of coffee***
FINALLY finished ~<a href="">Nefidean</a>'s commission!
India ink and brush, Prismacolor markers, white colored pencil, white gel pen, black pastel on 8.5 x 11 inch card stock, and a loooooooooooot of movies and time ^_^.<br><br>

"The World Between", Kay, Artellos, Justin, Natalie, Lureliea, Orrick, Natira, and Fae - Nashi all belong to ~<a href="">Nefidean</a>.<br><br>