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aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
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pencil no jutsu aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
edragon 2008-04-13 19:25:24 kewl, me likes the demonic monsters!
AILEEN 2008-04-22 01:24:04 i think this is the best among all of your drawings. Ches/Shoulders/Arms look good. Midsection needs chiseling. Just divide the abs into 6 - 8 parts.
AILEEN 2008-04-22 01:27:23 But again, this looks good!
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-26 11:05:45 i deliberately did not show his stomach muscles ^^
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-03-29 07:46:52 nice job,he's really scary :P
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A night elf from world of warcraft :) based on my night elf druid
( i know the quality on my pictures havent been the BEST, but i will be uploading better ones soon.
This is Buttercup!
Its bin a while since I had done any drawing,but I restarted after maybe a year..Havent totaly lost it:P

These are three versions of one drawing,drawn with a fineliner.
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i did this for my myspace page...but i dont like it too much however i do like the concept which i plan on using to make another pic for my page
just a star...XD
I don't have purpose for this artwork lol
Outlines: brown china ink
Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
Background: watercolor, acryl
Paper type: watercolor; 250g/m2
Size: DIN A3
Time: 20 h
>>loNely faCe....<<
well I finally got the time to add some shadows to this, I guess its done, though it could be improved.
>> boy & a gurl...(*.*)
This took me several months...i had help from my's naruto,from the anime..
Hello everyone:) I'm back:) I wasn't here for a while...
cuz I find my self a new hobby besides drawing:P 

anyway about the drawing... its a old one I guess a few months old... just a few... months hihi:) and I still didn't finished it >,>;;.. I guess I'll never finished this one the neck bothers me and the hand... well the whole... drawing bother meh<333
i made this drawing because my teacher told me to draw something little different from manga.
i tried but i didn't quite succeed at that ^^
i like the hair though!
but the fingers are bad compared to the rest...

i am sorry for the stripe by the way...couldnt scan the drawing at once because the drawing is too big...its an old scanner....i hate it when this looks so...distracting...