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this is very fun i like the shade on the kimono and the nose  v^_^v
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pencil no jutsu this is very fun i like the shade on the kimono and the nose v^_^v
Jafed 2008-09-21 17:50:28 hehhe very nice good job
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Alter Soldier......."ALTER SUMMONER"
this is a quick sketch from a photograph of one of my best the photo she looks really cute and her eyes are huge. i emphasised the eyes and made them more manga, i know the blending etc isnt amazing cos i did it realy quickly. il upload the orginal photo for a comparasin aswel. let me know what u think! X
carla maria

I know, the dog looks weard.. but I just LOOOOOVE rufus-chan^^(yes, even in his wheelchair ¬¬) rufus and his cute doggy are both from ff7 ©
If you do not recognize this character, you fail at Internet. He has been my favourite character since I got the game.
<a href="">Terror Unknown's</a> mascot, Chibi Death, isn't at his best in the morning. If he had a face, he'd be scowling. And yes, those ARE evil pink bunny slippers! ^_~
If you can't read the mug, it says "Mornings are HELL". ^^
.5mm mechanical pencil -->> Paint Shop Pro 8.1
(okay, so he's not that "chibi", but trust me, he's pocket sized (and so is the mug))
Whuttup everybody! This is a recent commision I just finished for a game company. I was trying some new techniques in how I paint highlights and clothing folds. What do you guys think?
This is my first drawing in photoshop..Like ever
Here is an non CG line art doodle. Just a nearby fineliner. an there we have it.
Def Character
I made a Kakashi drawing with coloured pencils...^^
Oh mickey mickey momo.
Greetings Muru Kitty
Muru Kitty
character sketch out of boredom
Saber from fate stay night. I had drawn to the wall in the kitchen.
Lee Henrik
just a simple sketch, didn't plan on anything special =)
My first ever wolf drawing!!
Zydrate Robber