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after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
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Animesa after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
edragon 2008-04-10 13:29:28 kewl, I like the pose.
gatrosk 2008-04-10 13:31:51 I agree with edragon i like the pose and the facial expression!
Def Character 2008-04-10 17:15:25 powerfull shading b^^
Zeph 2008-04-10 23:12:59 nice sketch.
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-11 09:31:37 very nice shading b^_^d
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sorry about the dirty background but i lost the picture for a while and found it on the floor ^_^ , I suck at designing characters so try to only draw existing characters, anyway  , I made this one up myself...hope you all like it...
this is another bit of fan art i drew this is my own version of konata from lucky star. i wanted to make her luck cuter than she already was im very happy with the costume i made 4 her ^-^ tell me what u think.
This is the cover of my supposedly BST series -_-
( mario girls. (bad quality i know, gosh) took me a good 5 minutes to draw. then i threw it away, it just disgusts me for some reason.
Amber - CG: Paint Shop Pro - mar 2001
hi guys, i got some freetime today and i did this sketch. It needs more details and a better perspective and stuff, she is not supose to be very girly (or not at all)... emmm <.< >.> new people at mws ^.^ anyway i hope i have the time needed to finish it. C&C welcome <3
fineliner, copic and a photo as background.
Nameless - CG: Paint Shop Pro - Black and White with just a tad of colour in the eyes. I'm going to CG this more seriously sometime later - oct 2003
Took me a week to finish!
(Don't know what to say...) eh... I was inspired by a chinese movie that my grandma watched ^0^
i did this for my myspace page...but i dont like it too much however i do like the concept which i plan on using to make another pic for my page
Hate the legs >_<
work in progress. . . .
should i draw in the wings? mixed feelins...