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after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
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Animesa after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
edragon 2008-04-10 13:29:28 kewl, I like the pose.
gatrosk 2008-04-10 13:31:51 I agree with edragon i like the pose and the facial expression!
Def Character 2008-04-10 17:15:25 powerfull shading b^^
Zeph 2008-04-10 23:12:59 nice sketch.
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-11 09:31:37 very nice shading b^_^d
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white haired warrior woman.  heh.
chi from chobits. i finally read the whole thing, it took me like 3 years.... anyway, i was dissapointed in it, but i still love chi's design and costumes so i had to do a fanart. pencilcrayons, ink, paint, uhh.. thats it i think.
Summoning a demon to do dirty work is mad business. Who else could think up such a scheme but a magician who has (or so, he thinks) the power to control a thing of pure evil?
This is my old drawing.. i did it a year ago i think. I watched from a book about mythical creatures
^^;; Experimenting with photoshop 7.0 I colored this in less than 2 hours, coz school lab will kick me out if I stay too long >_< Pretty satisfied with this.... Though I feel it's too overdone?? -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
Just some bishi leaning against a wall. The proportions are all wrong, but I kinda like the result. The jacket was a lot of work.
troubled angels
Best one I made so far at least
This was the second drawing I made on my way to Germany :p
no got really much to say beside for that i really need a lot more improvement to work on =/
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My Friend's VW Borra. He just got his car done up and wanted a graphic of his car so he can make locker stickers. Don't draw cars much but I love it.
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