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after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
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Animesa after a long time i decided to try and draw again and this came out hope you like;)
edragon 2008-04-10 13:29:28 kewl, I like the pose.
gatrosk 2008-04-10 13:31:51 I agree with edragon i like the pose and the facial expression!
Def Character 2008-04-10 17:15:25 powerfull shading b^^
Zeph 2008-04-10 23:12:59 nice sketch.
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-11 09:31:37 very nice shading b^_^d
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A night with the markings of Konoa.
Crits and comments are welcome...
I can take it ^^
pencil no jutsu
got taste?
it workt out prety good
only the dragon is a bit smal...
plz more feedback

ehm.. okay this are trunks and gohan lolz. but don't look at the face it's a little differend.. and that's ok. 

I should draw for someone him and his boyfriend in DBZ style like Trunks and Gohan XD 

sooo.. plz give me more tips and feedback to make it a lot better^_^
I made this for a contest at skool about death, i don't think i'll win but here it is, enjoy.
Jamie Narwhal and beatrice. [:
new sketch! Luffy from One Piece in a new style.
Dustin C.
Another pic from back in. 2012 :)
Eddie and Eve. :D Two characters for our play-gone-comic involving the lame adventures of the little people that live in one's head and aid one in his/her thinking. Eddie is a Devil's Advocate, and Eve is the famous "shoulder angel". Eddie is head-over-heels for her, but, the dumbass that he is, doesn't realize she's the shoulde angel. Yes, he IS that stupid. : D If his little devil wings look retarded and fake, that's because they are fake. :B SCANNER RAEP'D MY COLORING. D<
harry potter, the rescue. if you've read the order of the pheonix you'de understand.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!DONT READ IF YOU HAVNT READ IT YET!!! so the characters in no particular order are ron, harry, hermoine, neville, ginny and luna. done in ink and pencilcrayon
hmm...this is one of my "old" drawings, from 2004. man I wonder why I'm not so detailed with backgrounds anymore :( and the girl looks good too, except maybe for the head XD. man, I have to get better than this. what do you guys think of my old drawing, compared with now?
i really like the eyes...
3 or 4 years old
Another DBZ(Dragonball Z)Art 
I drew my own(DBZ)character in it her name is Yumaii
plus I drew Videl behind her

btw they´re flying xD
A nice girl I made just jet, what do you think?