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I like it overall, although i wish i would've made the eye on the right a little lower. Took me a long time o_o comments and crits welcome as always ^^
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R0B3R7 I like it overall, although i wish i would've made the eye on the right a little lower. Took me a long time o_o comments and crits welcome as always ^^
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-08 10:09:00 eeee..... yea i agreet with ayachan ^^
gatrosk 2008-04-08 13:18:56 yeah robert you might wanna use the resize image option on photoshop to make the image smaller... a lot of your stuff if pretty monstrous :P Like ayachan said you should probably make the wrinkles in the pants more flowing and not abrupt, same goes for the shirt. But otherwise I really like it. Good job ^^
Def Character 2008-04-09 17:31:38 what kind of vector based program did you use ^^? Flash, illustrator?
R0B3R7 2008-04-14 22:28:29 thx for the comments guys =] def, i just use photoshop =P
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Random art
Halloween 2006. Forgot where I had it :P
And a big hello to you MWS peepz! Been a long time ;)- about the art, I know it's crap but it's the first decent piece I drew in a couple of months.. =)
TADA!!! this is for Kagami and Raptoe... and yes I am a guy that made a Yaoi...*shamed* :D I know ther is no real reference to harry-Potter but it works for me :P
Another freebie. This time I experimented some more in PS with more layers with different blending styles, and I used a thinner pen to ink.. .2 mm.
Yuna Fanart. Color Pencils. C&C please
Just Cloud again^^
I hope you like it^^
this is somekind of self portait...i know the eyes are a bit off but i like the neckless :P

and i am sorry for the stripe somewhere around the chin...i had to scan the picture 2 times because my drawing was to big....bad scanner!! :P
yea this is my first upload and im kinda new at this whole manga workshop thing.Well anywayz this is a picture I drew of a punk school girl and i kinda like the way it came out.
Who could forget Eiko&Moogle from FFIX? Well, not everyone liked FF9 like I did T__T, and were already heading for FFXII, but these are characters from SquareEnix, I still like to draw ;). It's a sketch actually. It's reconized by the sketchy rough outlines. I cleaned up some of them. Anyway, the results were very pleasing. I know about the moogle design (his taildesign must be on top of his head), but I drew this all by head, so that's why I made that flaw. I drew Eiko many times in the last 3 years, but I think this one was worth uploading. The actual size is 1210x1754, but I hope you'll like it :). Feel free to comment.
this is Hayate when he transformed. his name has become Shin, wich means "True". This is 2 years later though, so I tried to make him look more mature. and he got short hair, like I do now. his transformation btw is not physical but in ways of energy and technique. so you know ^_^
Probably doesn't need to be marked as mature, but whatever. It's better to be safe, right?

Anywiz, look! Moar Pokemon anthros! 8D Woo! I'm not too fond of Suicune, but I do like Raikou's pose and my cloring on Entei. :3 I'm happy with this overall.
Just a quick desingn for a character in my manga :)
Jun form the show on cartoon network