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Messy, over done doodle (=3=)''
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Lozz Messy, over done doodle (=3=)''
gatrosk 2008-04-01 10:01:10 Nicely done :D i love the detail!
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-01 11:36:02 i know this art doodle ^_^ very nice
edragon 2008-04-01 16:25:28 kewl, like always ha ha!
Def Character 2008-04-08 18:24:42 great detail b^_^d
kannal 2011-04-03 03:35:36 that fish in the lanterns are so creative! my sister really likes the bat that has a star on it's head. she says it is very cute.
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Random art
This was just a doodle at first, but I liked it so much I decided to redo it. Please look through the crappiness of my scanner -_-' Hope you like ^____^
well this is my submission for the EnterVOID battle i was doin a while ago. a shame that it never saw the light of the internets.
page 2
Dustin C.
another oekaki! this time it's Gaara of the Sand, performing his favorite move, Sand Coffin.
Dustin C.
Hi people! I'm new, so i'll start off with something i created very recently. I hope this art is pleasing to the eye, critics and stuff are greatly appreciated ^.^
i got bored  but it look ok  i feel like i could have done more but its ...ok  what ever i am back at the M 2 the W
how is eveyone good i hope ...........or do i
Ranmaru, Nobunaga, and Mitsuhide from Sengoku Musou 2
More practice on folds. Woo this is getting fun ^^
just random practice out of bordom cause i havent drawn in a while
Realistic human proportions? What's that? ^_~
blah, character sketchy tiem.  I dunno.  Picture from me for the first time in like forever, tho!  whooo~!  *waves flag*

don't you think ?
For all you Lara Croft lovers... still a WIP, made in ILL CS2
hii ^-^ its been ages since i drew a maid costume ^-^ im very happy with it :3 i also took an atemped of creating a chibi boy ^-^ i was going 4 cute again lol :3 i look forward to seeing wat u all think ^-^
um a guy called jet heh i was tryin out a new style n coloring teqnuiq i thinks its quite cool although im not one for drawing ppl that look this old :P lol anyhow ja - ne