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A picture I drew for a friend. I wanted to draw some sort of monster with an exoskeleton type skull lol so I did.
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gatrosk A picture I drew for a friend. I wanted to draw some sort of monster with an exoskeleton type skull lol so I did.
edragon 2008-03-31 11:44:02 kewwwwllll, but is it flying or swimming? lol.
gatrosk 2008-03-31 19:01:06 Lol yeah it's flying :D
pencil no jutsu 2008-04-01 07:59:35 nice how does he/she fly`s O.o
Def Character 2008-04-08 17:20:06 In a non gravity zone near a far away planet. b^^ like it. . .
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I like her ^^ :P
Revy from black lagoon. if she were real + if i were a boy . . . xD (
Monster Hunter (Not Many people know about it) But I love it!:D
something i'am working on

this is a fanart of the movie *the Ring*
My most beautiful project. This artwork is very big, nearly 50x70 (postersize). It's inked completly. It's a present for a friend of mine. I draw her another picture (Together) a while ago, but this one has been stolen at a convention. So I draw this for her.
I tried to draw in the style of art noveau... and I kinda like it.
~~~~***~~~~ Damn... it's really too small on this page. There are many details, that vanished ;_;
Oekaki pic of Pichino
OMG.  WHY this image has been in my head for so long, I very honestly don't know o.O  you guys might notice some similarities between this one and an earlier pic of mine...those aren't exaclty coincidental ^^  of course, this time I had access to a real oekaki board instead of paint!  all rejoice! xD  That's the best freaking tree I've ever done, too.  :3  hehe
Half sketch picture. Took actually only 1-2 hours doing this one. This picture popped up on my mind when reading a book called ehhhh.... Tales of the Clan Otori???? I actually have no idea what the name is on english but when translated      
directly from swedish it is that... its a good book...i like it... so i dropped everything and started to draw the background i had on my head and then added the main chars :D
oee !!!!!!!! i like it aizuka you sure can color   d-^_^-b, well people as you can see thise is the elf from before but its colored by aizuka, ill color it myself some day too if i can find some free time ^^. well hope you like it
Hi, I drew this for school, I don't know what kind of animal it is, but I think it's kinda cute ^0^. Please enjoy ^-^
Just started using digital tablets, would be nice to get some feedback and comments on how to improve. :D thanks