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I'm actually in love with this picture *_* Isn't he gorgeous? ^^
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Opheliac I'm actually in love with this picture *_* Isn't he gorgeous? ^^
Kimiko 2008-03-30 11:11:18 he looks very cool ^-^/
Def Character 2008-04-03 18:22:42 Hehe have you find him in real life yet 6^^
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Random art
What could she be thinking of...??
As always C&C are totally welcome :3
this is a fanart of the movie *the Ring*
this is another one of the sory i have with 2 other friends.
this one is charlie and she has the power of wind (like you can see she's flying)

i know she's really to thin in the middle, thats to bad :(

i hope you like it!
The younger version(again). I drew with Microsoft Paint.
More stuffs.
i made this art yesterday :)
i was supposed to make a logo for school but i didn't for some reason :P

its not done either, i will finish it soon.

i like it trough accept for some small mistakes :P

hope you all like it!
comments are welcome! :)

Blue Heart
A very early W.I.P of an drawing I'm making, so it's really messy and stuff. Done with a wacom tablet. Just give me a year or so to line this lol.
would say more but it's late and I need to go to sleep, so enjoy :D
I still have a few things to add, like her computer table and stuff, but I have an incredible urge to start inking,and I want to know if you guys see any huge mistakes in it. >_>
Sooooo sleepy, too many late nights *yawn* -_-'
I made this in a Simposium from my school. I did this ona break defore the conference. I just added the shirt graphic and the tatoo with the pc
this one is originaly made by AIKUZA but I did the colorzzzz... It's very old. 2005 or something maybe older XD
wii finally finished . well im not really happy about the background i find it kinda carpy, but im not going to make another one so you guys just have to live whit it ^^ wel hope you injoy the pic
Spencer turned when he heard someone yell for a stretcher, his happiness had been completely knocked out of him when he saw his cousin lying unconious on the ground.
Anime Chick