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I did this as a concept drawing of the idea for the main character in the 4th MWS collab deal. Soo enjoy xD
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gatrosk I did this as a concept drawing of the idea for the main character in the 4th MWS collab deal. Soo enjoy xD
R0B3R7 2008-03-27 22:42:35 buff O_o nice armpit ^^ haha, inside joke
pencil no jutsu 2008-03-28 10:41:52 a little scary proportion's but nice colouring ^^d
gatrosk 2008-03-30 13:38:05 lol thanks pencil no jutsu i'm trying to practice my anatomy :P
Def Character 2008-04-03 18:10:53 agrees with pencil ^^
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Character is a god of the animal kingdom he is responsible to protect and defend the kingdo of embers kingdom
my friend wanted me to work his drawing out. so I did. this is....nameless....
She- Blue
wow, this is probably one of the most time-consuming oekakis I've done yet.  Five hours @_@  probably because I was using a different board than normal and the controls were screwing me up >_>  anyway, random cat girl person...with a strange little puffball thingie @_@  just don't ask ._.
So yeah, I opened up MSPaint and began to doodle some random person, and somehow, it became something that looked vaguely like me. In that abstract, anime sort of way, that is. So I gave it my trademark "hairball" hairstlye, emo glasses, and that outfit that thinks it's some kind of prep-school uniform, and schwa. Me. After coloring it in, I decided it looked boring. Hmm, what does it need... OH HAY I KNOW DRAMATIC SHADING *scribblescribble*

I tried doing this entirely with the pencil tool, instead of relying on the curvy line tool. As much as I love that thing, I won't get any better with a mouse if I use it. x: I need practice.
I have drawn this a few years ago I hope you like it.
thought I'd color Shanice ^_^ she was waiting a while for it
een elfje ^-^ getekent voor mijn vriendin ^0^
and here is space ship number 2 these space ships are stored in the big one i drew last time .... man the rendering of the 3d movies between the game will take long to finnish -_- well C&C are welcome ow and iff anyone knows a site whit some good tutorials on making space in photoshop please tell
and yay for more color practice, enjoy.... I have so much to learn T_T 

didn't really know where to place the shades either T_T  ah well...someday it will become alot easier
just....a rough sketch. Drew it during class. Boring =_=
Finished... its not perfect but i like it,
Ok, I know its kind of crappy but it was all I could come up at the moment. Amei ^ I hope its boys name^ schools the most popular guy.
girls are easier than boys for me ... anyway X_X i am not sure if i could do the same body over and over again witout making him younger or girlish X_X. Ok, abaout his finger .... he is suppous to have a childish, sarcastic and  sadistic but cool personality ... so he giving you the finger should tell you a lot about him. WHY DOES HE LOOK SO GIRLY ON THE BACK VIEW???? X_X