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another postcard ^^
to Ben =p
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aki another postcard ^^ to Ben =p
Def Character 2008-04-03 17:50:33 Awww ^^
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Random art
some random catboy i did while i was on a reeeaaally long plane trip...his neck is a little long, but

Zydrate Robber
a draw orochimaru :)
well this is my thrid and best drawing yet but im not sure how to colour it can you help please?

these are Omi and Ken from Weiss Kreuz. I colored it with my new Neo Piko Markers I orderd from Archonia. I also colored it with Tria markers. what do you think?
I hope you like my drawing.
A colored version of my drawing of L from Death Note. L feels blue with his Love Note
Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
oh..mi gad, this took FOREVER @.@  Well, a couple weeks ago I was helping out at a pre-K summer school.  The actual drawing was a composite of three different days (on each day, I drew a different kid)  ahhh, they looks so innocent asleep ;^^  I would've drawn a boy in there, too, but none of the boys seemed to keep still during nap time ._o  ah well.  My second attempt as lineless art.  yay! *clapps *  ^^
Piper from Storm Hawks gets a VIIStar upgrade.  armor = <3
my second upload :)
I made it 2 years ago @ 8th grade
This was hard...I mean it took me about 2 month...I kept going wrong on the hair.
well this is are character of a role-play that i am doing the one on the left is rei, and the one on the right is dai, they are twins brother, and they love each other more than brothers XD...i wish i could color it, but i don't have photoshop U.U but oh well enjoy it