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I really have no idea what this is... I was just messing around on Corel Painter Essentials 3. Pretty neat program!
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gatrosk I really have no idea what this is... I was just messing around on Corel Painter Essentials 3. Pretty neat program!
R0B3R7 2008-03-25 23:02:17 hey you used my globe orb thingermabober =] and you're right...corel sux compared to adobe =P
Zeph 2008-03-26 18:45:07 not bad. the guy's a little bit disproportioned tho. facial features are cool though
gatrosk 2008-03-30 16:48:43 Thanks Zeph :)
Def Character 2008-04-03 17:50:05 Like zeph said. thumbs up for the effort put into colouring...
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a draw itachi and sasuke
Bloodelf fanart from WoW
I give to you a paint brush goblin ? 6^^ yeah I know the shading is all over the place, my bad, I'll try harder next time ^^d
sketch for my character from my manga"plague"
This is a character from my fantasy based story. He's half human and half dark elf. And the scar on his neck is from where his dark elf grandmother try to slit his throat.
This is for a friend, Alice she's a nice person :) shes 20 or 21 today ^_^ she's also drawing manga check out her studio out ^^
Figure sketching turned monster with awesome claws.
my art on full sketch mode :)
damn the anatomy is off but it seemed to flow well nither less... c&c?

Wow, I took the SATS again today, I hate test anyway I was bored and this was on my mind, I have no clue why but it was, lol. Please comment I really want to improve my art, thanx.
I havent been drawing much for a long long time, so I started on this one.. This is a freehand sketch I did of a well known drawing of the character from Ghost In The Shell.  I was pretty unsatisfied with it so i just threw some more quick shading on there and added some photoshop stuff to make it look a little better.  The head is too small imo.
Some of you want to know. I'm writing a story (actually two, a sci-fi and a fantasy story) and these are some of the characters from those stories.  This is the Wraith-Doll from the fantasy story.
An image that never got finished. This is when I first started experimenting with digital inking Illustrator. I should really redo this some time.
my own version of an eva unit. next-g eva (c) emerson tung.