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Doin some fanart for old times' sake. <3
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Joou Doin some fanart for old times' sake. <3
Lilium 2008-03-19 07:18:59 so cool! :o but ehm... for what is it fan art? xD
Joou 2008-03-19 11:01:17 ...Yugioh? I thought the nonsensical hair would make it obvious enough. :>
pencil no jutsu 2008-03-21 03:04:28 lol i think the Egypt thing on his head make it obvious nice ^^
mama_logon 2008-03-22 01:39:14 the big headed one is great
Def Character 2008-04-03 17:04:30 good one ^^
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Random art
guys I need feedback for my new character. it's her face, I need to know wich one is better, because my problem is that the a lot of the time they are skewed and I really have to get better >.< hope you guys see the difference. DefCharacter, I need you in particular here >.o ( if I got my feedback I will post my full art, thanks guys m(_ _)m
this took me a while with procrastination and all, 10-15 hours.<br>
this was actually an experiment for the most part. tried a different method of lineart, printing out the rough blue sketch and doing linework with a pencil right over the blue.<br>
and also it's a lighting frenzy! i really wanted to work on secondary lighting and such, and other coloring methods in corel painter. i think it came out pretty good! ^_^
Dustin C.
Well, time passes and I noticed my MWN fighting character was falling behind the times SO heres the updated version, way deadlier and more versatile than before (the gargantuan t-square is still somewhere ;P) Oh yeah, the one design thing thats off is that I shaved my head last week, so the haircut aint really realistic no more :D
The Raging Spaniard
this is a picture requested from a very good friend of mine. Comments? Crits?
mmmmmmm i like this way of coloring ,im not sure but i think i have seen a similar pic a few days ago and i dont remember where .... it makes a good wallpaper :), comments are welcome
New sketch! about one month ago.  =33 Hope you like it.
this is a sketch of a character that i'm working on.
so i hope you like it,
hes still kinda naked though XD.
I dont think this is nudity, is it? I mean, there is a HUGE block....this is just for fun you know?
my companion whenever i go home because we took the same route going home... she's shy and timid but a great friend...

she's always there to lend her open- line- for- calls celphone
This is a sketch i've been working on, a while now actually. I'm still working one her hands and arms. Been trying to find a new style for me, and I like her face so far ^^
Another birthday pic. ^^ (Version 2) This one's for my good friend Yohtan.
Warning: cross-dressing bishonen!
Inspired by Martin Gore of Depache Mode and Yohtan's fondness for putting pretty boys in dresses and corsets! ^_~
I used a lightbox with this pic, can you tell? ^_~
cutting wrists is fun
Two of my Main Character Cache and Joe from my FirePath Manga
I know this is not manga, but I still want to show it to you. :)