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my friend drew a boxer dude for an art project and made me want to come up with one of my own ha.
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edragon my friend drew a boxer dude for an art project and made me want to come up with one of my own ha.
pencil no jutsu 2008-03-21 03:08:04 woow nice muscles and cool shade but what is the thing bungeling out of his mouth?
Heartless-night 2008-03-21 11:49:52 really nice details on the muscles you did a really good job... keep it up!!!
edragon 2008-03-21 11:51:44 pencil no jutsu - the thing in his mouth is his mouthpiece, lol guess I didn't do a good enough job rendering it.
mama_logon 2008-03-22 01:39:36 good color technique
Def Character 2008-04-03 16:55:24 That's a whole lot of muscly... O.o
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Random art
dont ask because i can't explain...
had the misfortune of drawing this at the backside of a scratch paper... scanner scanned right through ^^
I drew that manga page again, how does it look? tell me if you think I should change anything else before I draw the final version :]
first ever manga drawing. Myself :D using coloured pencils, ink and watercolour paper.
i don't know how i came on the idea of drawing this one but i kinda like it. Hope you'll like it too
I am new to MangaWorkShop, Hi All! Hope I will be posting more of my art in the future.

Thanks for the input
This is a portrait of a very good friend of mine. She was an internet-buddy from South-Korea. And... I had a little crush on her *><* Hm... I didn't know how to approach her with my love, so I drew this for her. Gosh... she was happy^^ ..... Afterall she only remained a friend :) And I fell inlove with another South-Korean, who's now my current girlfriend.. some story eh?^^ I haven't seen this drawn woman for a long time. But each time I see this drawing.. I remember that time :) it took 3 weeks to build (brushing, smudging and stroking paths in photoshop EVERY day) and the original file is 3000 x 3000 pixels. Still my biggest art ever. Hope u enjoy ;)
Drawn this for no reason.... The sketch was done during class (The most productive time??? ^^;) I am still so suck at drawing creatures ^^; -- 12 May 2003 -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
Another old art remasterd and edited to look better than it did before.

The angels guide the lost souls to their final resting ground
LOOK WHAT I DID!!! I finally know how to photshop good, ha
now I should be sendind much better things!
Bought myself a new sketchbook and decided to do my best the first few pages..So here is number one..I'm nog sure about the pose,but the rest workedout pretty fine:)
A modern-day tribute to the nuances of Ranma 1/2.
Yami no Yugi 
^-^ pressie for my sis who loves him I hope you enjoy
attempt at practicing came out ok although i kinda messed up his back right leg 6O_O