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my friend drew a boxer dude for an art project and made me want to come up with one of my own ha.
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edragon my friend drew a boxer dude for an art project and made me want to come up with one of my own ha.
pencil no jutsu 2008-03-21 03:08:04 woow nice muscles and cool shade but what is the thing bungeling out of his mouth?
Heartless-night 2008-03-21 11:49:52 really nice details on the muscles you did a really good job... keep it up!!!
edragon 2008-03-21 11:51:44 pencil no jutsu - the thing in his mouth is his mouthpiece, lol guess I didn't do a good enough job rendering it.
mama_logon 2008-03-22 01:39:36 good color technique
Def Character 2008-04-03 16:55:24 That's a whole lot of muscly... O.o
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