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Me; as a mage
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MangaMageBlue Me; as a mage
lino-chan 2008-03-10 05:30:30 i like it ^___^ yushyush. But the finger from the hand on the right looks a bit to big. Keep going d^___^ i'll wait for your new work ^__~
Def Character 2008-03-12 07:32:51 dynamic
aki 2008-03-15 10:09:35 wow you must be intelligent like her good artwork ^^ keep it up! looking forward to it haha
Heartless-night 2008-03-21 12:00:42 really good, like how it turn out... and good coloring... keep it up!!! hope to see more art from you...
mama_logon 2008-03-22 01:46:28 looks as she buy her costume on a boutique owned by Tomoyo Daidōji XD, tumbs up
edragon 2008-03-27 22:56:21 kewl!
Kc 2008-03-29 17:44:29 Nice! WOrkin' da boots! ;)
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Random art
I haven't drawn in a very long time, i know, i suck =p <br/><br/>
just a simple picture, had quite an issue with drawing the outfit fold for the girl on the right tho ^^; i dunno can't think of any way to fix the problem beside for taking a shortcut and drawing those shaded areas.<br/><br/>

if you can point out the mistake in the outfit, i will be surely grateful. especially if you draw the lining for me to see ^^;<br/><br/>

o yea, i was also trying out different hair style too. its my first time drawing the hair like the girl on the left. i know, i need more practice =(
Sara Irine is one of my favorite character in the ragnarok comic because she has the coolest ability like a mage or magician that is my first character in ragnarok and now a wizard. I had done this in paint during my computer class since mastering paint is one of our activity....(lolz) I also used paint shop to add a little coolness in my work...

I put in color, because it's not lineart, but greyscale. Marie again, with my Wacom in Manga Studio EX... Meh...

Trying to get back into drawing again. Had to dust off the wacom to create this line art :).
EHH... what do you think?
just drew the first thing that came t mind
Sorry, Abit late for Christmas, but this was one of the Christmas cards made and sold for Pizazz co. Just ask rill, he'll upload his :P Even though theyre not strictly manga :P I just thought people might like them :P
new sketch, i changed the arm cuz i was too long (ty matt) anymore crit to help me immprove? please tell me. i will colour this soon
A picture I made in OpenCanvas of a girl named Holly I used to hang out with.
mmmm the hand really s*cks..
help me!!!
My first P.N.03 Art. I guess many of you don't know the game. But it's a cool game if you like shoot em ups ;). it's all done in PhotoShop, with mouse again. I like the style of it. The girl (Vanessa) is the leadplayer of the game. The mecha's are enemies offcourse. I tried to create the common graphic leveldesign you see in the game. Since it's all done with mouse by head, some perspective views may be wrong, but I really like this art. I'll do one again tonight, when she enters the last boss. For the folks that have played the game. Any ideas of defeating the last boss? Cause it sickens me...-__-. but I hope you'll like this art.
Another character from the same project.   Name is Axiom.