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Pixelart gift for a friend. MSPaint.
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Joou Pixelart gift for a friend. MSPaint.
Def Character 2008-03-12 07:32:12 great pixeling b^^
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Random art
My very first oekaki, and my first tablt tryout. lol

Hope it brings you joy.
I hope you like it^^
It hasn't stopped, my 'obsession' for ducks'
i draw this on school.
i hope you like it ^^
Well, time passes and I noticed my MWN fighting character was falling behind the times SO heres the updated version, way deadlier and more versatile than before (the gargantuan t-square is still somewhere ;P) Oh yeah, the one design thing thats off is that I shaved my head last week, so the haircut aint really realistic no more :D
The Raging Spaniard
hi Guys and Girls of MWS 
long time no see
i haven't uploaded a long time thats because i was a empty inspiration pit..
so no i re-founded my inspiration and drawed something that i find verry good of my self well everybody on MWS greetings:P
also another character i made lemme no whut u think
My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu
Page from Adventures of Yaz
my magical call girl Aiko!
Its from a short story i made up,about a lonesome boy who gets a phone number from an oldman he helpt to a magical sexline^_^
My 3rd digitally colored piece. Done entirely with a mouse. GAHHH!
I decided to try a more cell-shady style in this one =] hope you liek it. it was quick but i didn't keep track of time ^^ lol
woah look out! new page comin through! awesomeness, i think this may be one of my best pages yet. ^_^
Dustin C.
New version of Kimiko ^-^