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Octobergirl "Growing over my head", I feel really bad at this moment. Things grow over my head and I'm just done with it, I don't want to think about it anymore, but on the same time I can't do anything else. I'm starting to get angry with myself and with others. I just... feel sad.
pencil no jutsu 2008-03-02 15:30:15 aaaaaaaah man i hope you get over it
Jafed 2008-03-02 19:58:50 wow i love the way u make the background and the girl in black and white nice
Def Character 2008-03-07 02:45:04 It resulted in pretty artwork 6^^ I hope you are doing better now.
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Random art
doodled a manga page, didn't really know what I wanted to draw. It's read from right to left, although there is no text XD
The Sea Creature is half-man + half-crustacean. This one appears to be vain & mysterious. His hair covers part of his face & his overall pose is graceful. He could be arrogant at times but he has a very good heart.
Self portrait, of my persona.
Sophie Mann
Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
just a shit pic
the guys are my characters in my strips. i made it with Photoshop
Hi, my name is Kan. I am a Vietnamese who loves manga drawing. My dream is to draw a manga. I hope that every one will support me. 
This is the drawing in Gothic style. :)
Practicing on making a comic page... or something
main characters of my manga
im a devaintart junkie, and one of the people i watch made an alien race, there were rules to designing a character, and this is the end product i came up with. the link to her site on devart is:
my characters name is Snapdragon, and her alterego is called Grevillea. shes 39, but the alien race"Pheerai" live till there about 300. althought they mature by the age of 20. these are 3 costumes she usually is in

done in india ink, nib, and pencil crayons
Very old.  this is what i used to do instead of paying attention in class...
I was bored at school so i drew Cooro from the awesome manga: +Anima :D

but the eyes are to small...:(
Hey, hello again, i need your help to decide the BG!!
I'd really appreciate to hear (in this case... read) your suggestions please oh please!
this is the second pic i uploaded......(i couldnt think of anygood poses or clothes BTW).....if u have any suggestions or anything please leave a comment!