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just....a rough sketch. Drew it during class. Boring =_=
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aki just....a rough sketch. Drew it during class. Boring =_=
pencil no jutsu 2008-02-28 06:04:21 lol i like it i get board to in class XD
lino-chan 2008-03-07 07:41:10 hehe its cute ^___~
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Random art
This is Liza, an original character for some random story that's been floating around in my head!
this is sth i drew for my friend's band. they're called VHS haha. 
i feel like i messed up on a couple things but didn't really bother correcting them O_o
This was just a doodle but i like him i dont normaly draw ppl with short hair but meh i like this so i colord it ^^
boredom *sigh*
cloud unfinished
Work in progress.. Some proportions are messed up.. 

when I started coloring this in I didn't like it, but the more I fill in the blanks, the more I like it..beside, it's just practice :) 
I need your help with thinking of a cool background.. I'm thinking about making sparks where she walked, in a line behind her. Or something similar ^^  Feel free to give some crits. Also, my first art with a Wacom Tablet!!! :D
My inspiration came from animated series thundercats. I wanted something that looks like lion o. And i gave my own spin on it.
Yep... It is a merry xmaz to my MWS peeps. Hmmm... This art sucks. Well, didnt had time to make a better one. And im lazy to explain whats going on in this pic XD. Done with Tablet in PhotoShop CS. Time: 1 Hour. Hmmm fast and cheap . :D:D:D:D crap
Manga Art
And here is the line-art ^_^ it surprised me that it didn't take long to finish this, just an hour or so. I'm very pleased with this drawing =)
The Haystack Murders continue. (I should have called this the Halloween Special really ^^)
I'm busy roudning up my uncompleted piccies^_^ I did this one before the summer vacation. The first "real" pic of her, the other three were oekakies. (I rushed this pic a bit >_<)
A bushtit with a monocle. It doesn't get any more badass than this. (soft pastels)
colored version of the sketch i drew in math class...
background sucks i know... i'm learning.
O_O Even I don't know what the heck is going on with this one .......