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Kanon, guitarist from Antique Cafe. ^^ looks empty the space..O_o
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aki Kanon, guitarist from Antique Cafe. ^^ looks empty the space..O_o
Def Character 2008-02-27 15:58:22 Whats the piggy like thinghie doing 6^^ ?
aki 2008-02-29 06:59:52 uhm I'm not sure too about the piggy ^^" Just to add the relaxing mood hahaha~silly me X.X
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teeheehee mju...i dont know much to say ^^;; it's a cheerleader?...anyway...tell me what you think ;)
I normally struggle when starting peices.. but I read my horoscope the day I started this and it said that I'll be inspired and very creative.. and then poof. This appeared. =P Anyways, I dunno if I'm really happy with this one or not. I worked mainly with the coloring this time around. I just don't think I'm too proud of the hair style.. the rest I'm ok with. Also for the first time I drew and colored eyes in my true original style (the way I always draw them on paper). Let me know what you think.
just the sketch work that went with the other picture.
Illustration for my work area.  I still need to get it printed, someday.
She was a failed experiment.
Shot of Koruss from FirePath. He's such a twisted genius.
This is my own character from my manga few years ago. I forgot the name though.
Try to make her alive again ^^
well just a very quick drawing to test my new color pens I know it's kinda messy sorry about that ^^'  watcha think?
In time I made several online doodles under my other nick > crow Here's a collage of some 6^^
Def Character
Hi, I haven't drawn for a longgggggg time, too busy with schoolll :(, my nephew challenged me to draw naruto. I don't know the word for 'natekenen' Oh men Engels is moeilijk zeg, voor de nederlanders onder ons: ik heb hem dus nagetekend. XD Anyway here is Naruto!!! ^0^
i think the tatoos turned out great on this guy
26-3-2005 AIKUZA:::An art I made yesterday. Actually a test for a new style. Turned out better than I expected. And ready for upload. Made the line art in illustrator. Colouring in PS CS. I'm just liking this pic. What can i say :P.
try to beat this weapon! ShbrammmBRAPPA!!!!
This is Buttercup!
Original Chibi character and pet.