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Sora fron KH2,I just decided to draw it.
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Ky Sora fron KH2,I just decided to draw it.
Def Character 2008-02-27 15:44:59 The elbow on the arm holding the key could be a tiney bit lower. 6^^
pencil no jutsu 2008-02-28 06:13:17 nice b^^d
Kimiko 2008-03-01 13:51:24 oh he looks older ^-^ love this version of sora :)
Ky 2008-04-25 01:28:55 thk you I plan on doing Riku next.
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Random art
This is Hyde(any j-rock lover knows him). The reason this came to life was because it was the last day of school and Ryii-chan was very bored. She saw a very sexy picture of Hyde in a magazine and decide she must anime-fi him. I have no life so there was nothing else to do. This was my first real attempt at shading freehand. If it sucks so much your eyes burn in their sockets, forgive me please!
Lee Henrik
Recreation of the scene from Snow White when the witch is like "try the apple". I thought this was alot more tempting. Hey it's anime, and colored. Something I don't do very often. 1/2 mouse/1/2 tablet. I like. Comments?
More stuffs.

Client work.

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.


Want your Xbox 360 console, controller or Guitar Hero Faceplate customized? See my journal for information.
A picture I made in OpenCanvas of a girl named Holly I used to hang out with.
Domo Kun. Non commercial work, Domo is licensed by NHK, Japan.

This is my second Xbox 360 console paintjob, done for my sister in law.

Original can be viewed here;
characters from my own manga..
entitled HEARTLESS
I like summer, So I drawed this nice summer girl. And I just like summer, summer is A lot of sun'',I like sunny weather, do U get the point? Ok... :P :) (o0)
This is my old drawing.. i did it a year ago i think. I watched from a book about mythical creatures
the discription in the drawing says:

Tell me we'll go here sometimes.

just the two of us.