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Another character from the manga  I'm working on.
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Ky Another character from the manga I'm working on.
Def Character 2008-02-27 15:42:16 The arm in the front seems a tiney bit to long 6^^
pencil no jutsu 2008-02-28 06:14:03 i agree with him
Kimiko 2008-03-01 13:52:48 oeee he looks hot \(^.-)/ how do you make your lines so clean??
Ky 2008-04-25 01:27:15 I just draw with a steady hand,I try to make one clean stroke at a time.
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Random art
sketch : a quick one nothing special :P
color : This is my first time using photoshop to color a sketch, I know it sucks T_T 
anyway it is all about a conspiracy (yea i ve watched NHK ) of vampires taking advantage of otakus (no i am not drunk again hik .. not totally hik  )...the sketch above shows how it works !!

case still someone doesn't get it : 
on the left otaku watching anime with lots of fanservice kawaii things etc ...
on the right vampire taking advantage of the situation 

I haven't write such a long description for some time now :P

thelw na dw poso krataei to pisma sou !!!! -___-

I don't know...(-.-) I just got bored!
iv decided all the ink i do is gonna go in the sketch catigory.. cause i colour everything i do... this is a pic of my eye
Clowning Around!!
Dustin C.
this is my soulreaper
pencil no jutsu
was just board :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I wasnt sure if this was enough for a 18+ rating, but just in case~ I dont wanna get in troubble >w<
this is a WIP sketch of a lil side project of mine. this is to the theme "On The Clouds."
this is from one of my all time favorite mangas D- Gray Man.
XD.. I still need more practise...

waa.. my drawingskills are bad.. XD
my second drawing added , i like it hope u do to
wiley justin

Aries in middle age. She is already going in the Attune Academy(Warriors School)