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relaxing is the title.

I like this drawing the most. =3
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aki relaxing is the title. I like this drawing the most. =3
Def Character 2008-02-22 17:33:15 heh you forgot to colour the little triangle shape between his legs. The do look relaxed ^^d
aki 2008-02-23 05:47:53 haha you spotted XD thanks but i think i'll remain it that way X3 thanks for telling me
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I'm not that good at lightning, so sorry for the ugly light "beams" ^^ I'd like some C&C plz
His loyalty was questioned  … and his trial was set … … “kill the one who love the most to prove your loyalty to your master and regain your honor… or die as traitor ”. She said how much she loves him … … and that it would be all right to die  … he knows he want be able to live without her … but he only knows the way of the warrior  … tonight he will draw his sword for the last time
manned mecha. marine armor (c) emerson tung.
yay i improved!, plz new comment this is better i think !
please tell me what you think I hope this one works well ... (sorry 'bout the other pic.)

a bit of character design ^^. She is suppous to look girly but not to much. A bit of SWAT but not to much. i still have to think a place for guns and ammo ... but i rather hide them (i dont like guns. please feel free to C&C. Whatever comes to your mind it will be highly appreciated ^-^
artwork from manga in current work named frozen
(note! This is my actuall look appart from the fire and light effects :sweat: my style is called you know where i draw my inspiration from^^)

The year is 2500...Humand are enslaved by machines and the world falls to a greater power"Cyborgs" faster than humans and far more competable than humans! These newly made borgs rebel for their freedom to try and exist as a life form.

The scream in this drawing is let me live let me breathe...Dont suffocate me with your judgements!
Cairat Paej......."ALTER SUMMONER"
I really hate writing descriptions  … ….
Shanise's friend Elisabeth also wanted an anime/manga version of her drawn by me XD so...her wish is my command?
Not my char, but all my art ^^ tihihi
hadouken to you PS3 fanboys hahaha

this is my personal deck, i hated the standard print, so i customed it's ass.

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.


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