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just enjoy en if you go a way give it a commend
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death_mans_wish just enjoy en if you go a way give it a commend
bevland 2008-02-22 05:56:25 i like the way you colored it! bit her brests are a bit to big to my oppinion :P but b^^d for you!
Def Character 2008-02-22 17:25:13 The knee area could use a bit more work. Somehow it looks like her leg is positioned backwards. the knee should be a bit more in front even with a foot sideways. The little upward line at knee hight dousn't help either... 6^^ The overall colouring is very good though ^^d
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*tilts head* hn, I must just be in an angel mood ;^^  This is just me playing around with the oekaki again :3  this time it was my first-ever DnD character Nichole (the biter) and my cousin Kaila's character Asterixxx (the, ah, bitee ^^), better known as Rix,  and..they have angel wings because...because ;^^  like I said, I must just be in a mood xD  *pokes Rix's wing*
I just made this picture. Wanted to experiment with monochrome and contrast. Also, it's inspired by a hilarious japanese t-shirt I saw. Comments?
the thirteenth page of princess nightmare
page 5
a draw orochimaru :)
this was just practice with Manga Studio. I drew it with the touchpad.
This happen't to me, this friday 13th... (well, not totally... it was daylight) and i had to build another pc. Shame on me :/

This Manga is about a boy named Shoen. The story is very great and story info can be found at
Leader 190
My first digital manga... Unfinished
Another Fire Emblem fanart.. This game has some crazy hold on me. Anyway, this was drawn the same way as my Isadora piece.. really weird. >< It started with an eye and an eyebrow... then hair. I dunno.. the technique seems to work. In case you don't recognize this character, it's the female mage, Nino. Yeeah... >< Critiques and comments are welcome of course.
A very old comic from last year I decided to line and color. original:

I messed alot of stuff up in this one, but I got bored halfway and wanted to quit XD I get bored too fast I guess... Anyway enjoy, and this was just to see if I am able to color comic pages, although this one is rather simple.
i no its a little early but here  is a Halloween picture
pencil no jutsu