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he looks like ross from Friends XD
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D.N.Z. he looks like ross from Friends XD
AIKUZA 2008-02-12 10:40:06 inderdaaaaaaadtehhh. His nose and so, am i talking englishh? yesh i ams, leave me alone! uncle uncle!! get him! what??
Def Character 2008-02-12 15:53:05 HAha so it seems must be the eybrownose combo ^^
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Random art
And another cloud practice on and simple MSN doodle I put in photoshop. Liked the other one better... Might be because I rushed this, it's late here so XD
yeah... I have no idea how this came about...
It's a picture of the apocalypse in all its poetic beauty. The little dots everywhere are actually people fighting far away and getting killed by gigantic meteors. Oh and the big demon is supposed to be Satan.
Psycho Billy! We love him!
Recreation of the scene from Snow White when the witch is like "try the apple". I thought this was alot more tempting. Hey it's anime, and colored. Something I don't do very often. 1/2 mouse/1/2 tablet. I like. Comments?
evilness has found it's way into your door step, quick run!! owh too late, you're already dead XD is this heaven? >.>
Narutoh fanart dude! tihihi!! ^^ Only Sasuke looks cool ^^ The others are ugly shit ^^ tihihi
burning sexy time.
I drew this cute little girl during art class last year. Well, she got me a free 100 for the day so she gets too grace the pages of this site!^_^!
Amazon America doll that I would love to make someday. [:
A random sketch of soldiers of some imaginery country. Gonna update this later, when I can tell more about this.
Gaiaonline avatar.
One of the angels I drew..its not all the way finished yet and not one of my best but i hope you like it
Ashley Park