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kamina from gurren lagann. oekaki done in 2hours. yay!
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Dustin C. kamina from gurren lagann. oekaki done in 2hours. yay!
Def Character 2008-02-08 03:10:59 b^_^d thumbies up!
Zeph 2008-02-10 22:04:55 Sick!!!
TheDarkHell 2008-02-11 03:24:49 anikiiiii !!!! kamina giga drilll breakkkerrrrr !!!!
Kaizu 2008-02-13 18:17:20 haha brilliant
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It's colored !! Hope you like it.His name is aki. i found it on an japanese namelist ^^. it means bright ? dunno ..I like his scarf *hehe*
Me and my imaginary Vampire boyfriend, Haiku.
I drew the girl, and my friend 'Mika' drew the heart.
We hope you like it!! ^-^
*Thanx Mika* ^0^
well i still want a background for the drawing whit the 2 dragons so i created these 2 but i really dont know whits one. so i leave the up to you guys ^^, whits one should i take as bg. ow its created whit photo shop 6 ^^.
originally posted at:
evil lizard
constructed in adobe illustrator ^^"
the real artwork is in colour section
still my some of my drawings, eens sports..
I didn't uploaded for a while now ^^" and it's kinda late for Christmas pics, but i made this when i had my new sketchbook.
finished coloring it wit advice
Just something I'm working on ... erm, nothing special really, just another cat boy thingie X3
momotaru in color
Germaine and Ray, her first love, kinda inbetween her infactuation with D'vonte, poor girl falls for guys too fast
wheeee~!  this right here be the best picture in my name drawn to date ;^^  well, more accurately colored.  I've prolly DRAWN better lineart, but never colored it near as well.  Anyhooo, feel like I'm rambling. This is actually the second versionf of this picture..I showed it to some epople at a message board a while back and they gave me some tips and I changed it.  fer example, the shadows used to be alot lighter, and her mouth as different (but more importantly lower)  soo, that's just a little background on the piccie.  Once again, my second picture using the smudge technique, and second attempt at an abstract background.  Like Eshana, this is also a DnD character.  Her name, Terriii, I'm sorry to say, has a history way to long to be explained here ;^^  nehoo...  I better stop typing before I fall into another babble ;P