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Some drawings I did in spare time. Hope ya like it =) cya
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sleepless Some drawings I did in spare time. Hope ya like it =) cya
Def Character 2008-01-29 05:17:37 Good to see your artwork again sleepless
Kimiko 2008-01-29 11:06:43 She looks awesome!! \(^.^)/
TheDarkHell 2008-01-31 14:20:20 yoyoyo still alive i see :D ... were the explosions damned !! ;D ... but nice work like usual
Zeph 2008-01-31 21:39:46 Awesome!
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Random art
A character bible sheet for my storyboarding class, the adventurous 12-y.o. Indy!

with this guy, i'm trying to deviate from the typical anime style, gave him more disney-like eyes, and tried a simple nose. the only thing remotely anime about it is the hair i suppose. :/
Dustin C.
This was done in 11th grade
These are the Ashleys.  They were friends of mine who went to my old high school.  I don't know, I think I totally butchered this sketch with the computer.
some other creation . .
A quick MSN doodle...
um i dunno wat to right >< a guy /costume desingn thing say for like an army or sumin i dunno any way i think its pretty cool ^^ hope yall like it 
This art is from Zetsuai -1989-  ( from Minami Ozaki)

it was 7-8 hours work^^
I hope you like it.
One day I decided too draw flowers, cuz they're soo beautiful,,, this is my rose, my first rose, i worked very hard on it, so please be nice *.*)',,, haha just kidding XD hope you like it! =]
sketch of the third and final promo for WtHoR before i head off to grad school in a month...... final... ;__;
Done with old school fountain dip pens and black ink, scanned and edited with Manga Studio for the screentones.
the New Mangaka
pet,buddy or your husband ?

yeaah, its bin a while,but here's a new sketch..
Nothing in particulair,wanted to draw something with smoke.