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Yeah i'm back
with Kenji Nagashiwa 

:p haha
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Nagashiwa Yeah i'm back with Kenji Nagashiwa :p haha
Rikku_aka_Chico 2008-01-27 20:03:20 Oh my that looks really cool! I love the tekst on his shirt hihi great job
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Random art
The Count is once again the subject of this dark drawing. But he is seen here with his muse. Don't they look quite a ravishing pair?
done in pen and black and red prismacolor markers
Im gonna color it soon
A character i made. im making a whole set of characters in a group. this is the first out of hte few characters.
yaay im so happy!!*vomits*
:P I like this one...First time I made something like this, what d'you think?
he is unamused. lol

This was just practise. I know the arms aren't any good but I like the the pose.
So i desided to share this one with you. xp
Muru Kitty
sorry pikachu...
a trio from Coman. right to left, miyoko, yumi n rika xD
And Rika is.... *based* on me xD

O_O i can't draw hands...
my first completed attempt to color.this is my take on Yamanaka-San's chara sketch.i hope i did it justice.( i've just enrolled for my 3d animation course, right now i'm learning photoshop. wish me luck people!)
check, comment, and critic!!!!
THis is an actual person from a band that formed a couple of months ago, they're not famous yet. 
band's called  Trinity Ghost
I have finally drawn the StarCrash6 together! Dont ask what took so long... Anyway this took me ages to do, but sadly im very upset about the eyes. Overall though I really like it and hope you all do too ^_^ from left to right, Miyoko, Phase, Sapphire, Kiel, Kara, Tai