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Yeah i'm back
with Kenji Nagashiwa 

:p haha
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Nagashiwa Yeah i'm back with Kenji Nagashiwa :p haha
Rikku_aka_Chico 2008-01-27 20:03:20 Oh my that looks really cool! I love the tekst on his shirt hihi great job
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Random art
fuck it
this is me, drawing
Some Extreemly hot Babe on extreemly high heels. *Giggle*
This is another one of my OC's Lucia. She's cool, no? I like how the coloring turned out, but I think her jaw is messed up. Oh well.

Lucia is MINE. Steal and I'll shoot you. Srsly.
Just dreaming of making my own manga someday...;)
Just a doodle. Actually drawn this one in the middle of the night, dunno why, just felt like it. I'm planning on coloring this one, but since my HD got 'accidently' formatted, I now no longer have Photoshop! -_-' In any case, crit if you'd like to. :)
Zenith :D
I made him because of Astronomy class... we were doing vocabulary, and the word "Zenith" had a nice sound to me... soooo I made this charater ^^ rofl.
i drawn him because i borrowed his pentel pen and he also requested for it...

he was playing ragnarok before but humbly gave his account to his cousin.....

well, medyo corny minsan at pasaway dahil adik din sa games tulad ko pero dahil friendship......friendship
A first year high school. She's part of the gymnast team.
Lineart for a contest piece
long time no post D: --- trying out a newish style...what do you think? ^___^ --- originally posted at
evil lizard
I just felt like trying to draw someone fighting for a change. What do you think?
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