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Yeah, already 2 weeks ago or something. Made with photoshop, don't know what to say more xD
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Octobergirl Yeah, already 2 weeks ago or something. Made with photoshop, don't know what to say more xD
Zeph 2008-01-24 21:27:54 ooh. nice soft colors. i think this is a very good piece.
Def Character 2008-01-25 16:21:11 This looks sweet b^^
yurusanzo 2008-01-26 07:49:18 i like it :)
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Random art
It's a cyberpunk setting girl I'm working on :) I might make a background, but I'm not going to make any promises. :p
Some bleach fanart sketches.. maybe i'll lineart them later.
Fanart Negima, brushmarker practise ^^
pencil no jutsu
Random sketchy to satisfy my urge to draw... 6^^
Def Character
Another page from the first issue of Adventures of Yaz
havent been drawing for a whlie so it isnt that good
hi!! I'm new here so nice to meet u all! anyways this is a character from a manga called Coman that me and my friend are trying to write :D
It's actually all based on true events and this girl is a real person, as are all the other characters of Coman.
Sargent Peter is my son. This is how I see him anyway
My chibi hatching from an egg xD
blood lust ...
Another realism sketch. No, the man that looks like a monkey isn't a monkey, I was practicing 
shades. Have fun !
Another robo-desing. I liked this one too.
wow, this is probably one of the most time-consuming oekakis I've done yet.  Five hours @_@  probably because I was using a different board than normal and the controls were screwing me up >_>  anyway, random cat girl person...with a strange little puffball thingie @_@  just don't ask ._.
<p align="left">
<b>A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! ^_^</b>
This image is dedicated to Gabriel DeVue. I took Garla Lambert and Selt Brander out of the context and drew them in japanese costumes, because I admire the pattern and shapes on these fabrics so much and I love to lose myself into drawing details. I really want to get better at drawing kimono patterns.^_^
That's an illustration of my manga GOTT GAUSS. You can read it online for free here: <a href=""></a>
Outlines: black fineliner (Copic) 0,05 mm<br>
Medium: Tria-marker, indian ink, watercolour, coloured fineliners<br>
Paper: watercolour; 250g/m², 21 x 22,5 cm<br>
Time: 11½ h<br>
<a href=""></a>