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A cyclops I drewed. xD I lurrrve her.
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Squiditha A cyclops I drewed. xD I lurrrve her.
WOLF 2008-01-24 05:05:15 she is cute. i'd want her as a doll..
Zeph 2008-01-24 21:25:51 her legs look a little off from where they should be. nice dress tho
Def Character 2008-01-25 16:15:49 Nice, bit creepy but nice. ^^d
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she Waits fOr ThA Rain...?
Another one of my older pics.
Another CAPCOM art. Megaman, Zero and Servbots. Probably the best of mine in that category (capcom bots). I hope you will like this.^^ Especially if you're a MegamanZero fan.
I did this one as a favor for one of my friend, her sister was going into the army and she wanted to give her something.
It't a "prototyp" a Pre-alfa version.... I think the chin is to pointy...
This is Sapphire, one of the StarRunners. What was exeptionaly different and hard with this one was I made it like a painting. Meaning I didnt use an outline or sketch it out! I just went straight in with the colouring pencils. Im happy with the outcome and hope you all like it too! Took me only 4/5 hours to do it.
not sure wot to say 
tell me wot u think
I feel very pleased using a new style to draw with *^^* after drawing a few with reference, I decided to do some testing without using reference.

Hinoke is the Goddess of fire in the same rp that Elder Kita is from.
Wii Piece #3!!! 
Franky and Brooke playing the Nintendo Wii early in the morning. Come on, you know Brooke is gonna join.
Themed after Tom Cruise's movie "Risky Business".
This pic is totally not all....even with the hot pink couch.
What game could they be playin? Look at the clues carefully. and try to spot the hidden pandaman!
Dustin C.
i also like this one. the same as the first one.
Here's another angel guy for all of you. I wanted to play around with value. Strangely enough this picture was inspired by a flock of cowbirds(egrets)flying over head while I was walking in my pasture. The blareing of rock music in my ears while watching the sky will inspire anything in me ^_^!
An elf I drew a while ago.