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I'm back.
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WOLF I'm back.
Def Character 2008-01-23 16:22:28 Welcome back ^_^ Somehow i like it ^^ hey they have a hat like that at Gaia.
Zeph 2008-01-23 20:43:59 interesting way of coloring it. the skin style doesn't match with the rest of it. but i guess it kinda works. the feet and bottom of the jeans are nice tho
WOLF 2008-01-24 05:02:27 ... what skin style do you mean O_o i dont get it
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Random art
The Cover of the first chapter of my graphic novel Cybertech
Finished... its not perfect but i like it,
first of all: the head is really far to big compared to the body :S

the hand most in front is kinda big too...but i especially made this for training my coloring, witch is getting better and better.
now i still have to learn the proportions...witch is very hard for me somehow :S

but i like the outcome, no matter the proportions ^^

i made this work with pastel by the way..i just <3 pastel ;)
i was showing a friend my tablet and i turned out making a full pic >_> i need help on my bg's but it took me a while to make. C+C welcome as always. especially the C's XD
i drew this a few days ago nd i think its kinda crappy..
leave comments if u wish
well here is it whit bg i've made 2 version whit 1 little diffrent thing. please tell me whits one is better ^^ wel injoy
Laura ^_^
never is too late for a kingdom hearts II fanart.
Another one I've done with the same process as the others. I actually like this one, because he looks very mysterious, but I can tell that some things (like the eyes) could be a little more even, though I think it still looks nice. Tell me what you think! Thanks.
hehe haven't put up anything for such a long time...
anyways this is kristal an original character. she's supposed to fight using bubbles that explode. (weird i know O_O) ah i suck at anatomy
I made this mini-comic for my (ex)boyfriend, we broke up 2 weeks ago though. I decided to upload this one anyway, because I think it's a pretty funny little comic (though the quality is low since I had to resize it XD)^_^