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this was practically my first drawing. XD commets pls.
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Mangamaniac:) this was practically my first drawing. XD commets pls.
Mangamaniac:) 2008-02-14 16:26:45 nice dupree is a dic
Mangamaniac:) 2008-02-14 16:30:04 jk jkj jkj jkj jkj
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Random art
Awright, finished this one^^
Aaaah im so happy mws wasnt dead! I thought my homeland was destroyed T___T Im glad ur still alive! Here is a a month old piece... and yep, this is how much i suck at traditional xD its fun thou...
random sketches of the same character. I love to draw curls
Mike with Matt this time
people seem to like Matt, but he rarely moves and never talks
Cute chibi couple I made for a friend :3  ( both guys )
Just painting, the text was done in photoshop though. The rest was my watercolrs. Enjoy, i guess...
This character name Kawashima one of the main character of my manga (michinori)
yukinori asuka
This is just an inked character i drew. Apologise if its blur (Sorry~!*). Didn't have a scanner at hand so i took a picture of it instead (hope its allowed=p). All comments & criticisms welcomed~!^_^V
A girl and her panda
check, comment, and critic!!!!
THis is an actual person from a band that formed a couple of months ago, they're not famous yet. 
band's called  Trinity Ghost
This is Sean DeGenesis, a.k.a. Genesis. This is the final...version, if you will, of him. He is pictured here in his normal appearance along with his "lotus suit" on the right. Comments and crits please. ^^
Just a drawing of an angry dude. I think it could use more detail but I think it's quite o.k.
i just love ice cream.... it can turn me into a monster.... the girl is somehow made according to my resemblance.... ^____^ so happy living with ice cream
this was just practice with Manga Studio. I drew it with the touchpad.