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yeah...I did it just for fun ^^
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Mi_Re_La yeah...I did it just for fun ^^
Def Character 2008-01-19 16:25:23 It has potential ^^
Muru Kitty 2008-01-20 12:20:11 i like it ^^ good her effect
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Random art
wut u think
This is a watercolorpainting that is presenting Vegeta in the DB GT series.
This artwork was created with the rotogravure technique. Therefore I had to evenly spread out black, wax-like paste on a polished copperplate. Then I scratched away the black paste with a really thin, fine needle. Thereafter the copperplate was etched in a acid bath. The waxed parts keep spared, the scratched parts becomes grooves. Then I washed away the paste and filled the grooves with black print colour paste. Now, the copperplate was ready for printing with a special machine. The heavy drum pressed down the copperplate into an absorbent, humid paper sheet, which soaked up the black colour. And here you see the result.^^
4 Panel Comic strikes again.
Hopefully you can recognize her

This is a skater girl that I drew, I think I'll draw a motocrosser next.
Its my friend Naruto OC Itayashi
"Twinkle twinkle little star..." Anyway, long overdue I present: a work in progress. As you can see I still have to do quite a bit (everything on the right) but I wanted to be sure about the lighting. Also, the star he's "holding". Kinda ran into a dead end there and I dun't know what else to do with it ||_|| So: suggestions? Errors? Mistakes? desperately needing critiques!
this is my manga "Night in the Oblivion" and if you wih to read more go to my deviant link:

enjoy :)
hey all! concept art for a movie-poster design of DRAW!
comments and critiques welcome. ^_^
Dustin C.
unfinished pic of the vampire lady...BLOODLUST!! lol
Quick 11 minutes sketch I made of my girl. Colored it within an hour. So fast work, that still looks kinds nice.
Need to upload more and more. waaaaaa :3
I drew this 10 minutes ago on Photoshop.  Haven't practiced drawing with my mouse all summer >_<; It's a younger reincarnation of one of my characters ^-^ (for some reason the arms and legs look funny to me)
Geisha rocking out on a biwa :P