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yeah...I did it just for fun ^^
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Mi_Re_La yeah...I did it just for fun ^^
Def Character 2008-01-19 16:25:23 It has potential ^^
Muru Kitty 2008-01-20 12:20:11 i like it ^^ good her effect
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Random art
And this is the first time i used a program on the computer to color a picture.. damn that wuz very difficult.
An OC of mine from my manga Hokori~ yay my first pic post ^_^
another sketch xd
finally i can post some new art 
here is another page from my sketch book brand new yaa
comments are wecome 
ps. which one of these characters shuold i color 
u tell me
Naah don't know.. maybe she looks better when i color her up.
A possible design for my main character in a manga i'm starting. ^^ tell me what you think and critic away plz :D
a picture I drew but I did not use the steps for the body, only for the head
Hi, this pick is kinda a 1 off, iwanted a 2 use a simple style that would look good if i cell shaded it on photoshop...oh, it should be finished soon:)
hey its been a while since i posted nething i have a new account,because i lost the password to my old one n my old email which i think is pretty funny,i did this for a gurl i know we both love to draw graff so i encorperatated it in to this pic,my old profile is curse one comments n crits welcom
Insite a space ship.
And another cloud practice on and simple MSN doodle I put in photoshop. Liked the other one better... Might be because I rushed this, it's late here so XD
It is a guy...
My first drawing on Oekaki <3
I dunno. 8D Just some BS sketch while trying to think of the most cliche possible death for dearest turkeyboy. Because he -needs- to die. :D Dunno why, but my style hiccuped in this picture, and it looks slightly like the style in old '80s anime. ... but anyway, don't bother critiquing it; it's just a 20-minute sketch.