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I really like this one... think one of the best one i drew...
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MAD I really like this one... think one of the best one i drew...
Muru Kitty 2008-01-12 15:26:42 I like it ^^ watch the top of his skull thought . . .
MAD 2008-01-12 17:52:58 yeah youre right... dumb fault of mine ^^
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Jippie, the first time that I colored with my computer, ^-^ (I used Paint.Net.) BUt there's one problem: I don't know how to make shadows! :(, anyway I hope it's not too bad, hihi ^-^
this is a sketch I maby work out , when I have extra time. I like it a little, the pose is nice
Hallow everyone!! It’s been a while since the last time I have upload a sketch ….
… and as usually I am not writing a proper description
Now this one took some work but it was worth all the time it took.

another drawing of mine...presenting...kenshin, my husband...hehehehe....i really love his eyes and his whole personality and his shifting of personality from the kinda killer to a good and funny samurai..even though i've watched samurai x more than 10x since it is being showed by so many channels here in the philippines...i still love watching it....
winged kid
>>hehee...i'm back!!!..
Hi, this pick is kinda a 1 off, iwanted a 2 use a simple style that would look good if i cell shaded it on photoshop...oh, it should be finished soon:)
heh, i was messin around with line art for like 3 minutes then i went a little crazy with coloring for such bad line art...especially the blur tool O_O i'm kinda experimenting
the boys are looking to someone hows giving mony to a wanderer
Has anyone ever seen Erementar Gerad..?
another girl I'm working on =0 this is the sketch
the sixth page of princess nightmare