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It's me!!! With my friends Fender Squire
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MangaMageBlue It's me!!! With my friends Fender Squire
Def Character 2008-01-11 15:25:22 I like the way you used the spotcolour ^^
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Random art
This art is from Zetsuai -1989-  ( from Minami Ozaki)

it was 7-8 hours work^^
I hope you like it.
It´s not really mangaish but i tought i´d show you guys anyway.again i´m having problems with colors not closing again, so i deleted the colors I tryed something but that diden´t work well I guess I´l just have to wait until some good ideas come into my head.
A comic of my two characters, Beatrice and Darien, who are carnies. This was inspired by the fact that people color in checkerboard shoes... XD
a bandit from Vagabond by Takehico Inoue
It took me 8 chapters to even like Taul, and 2 more to love him.  

And in a few more he gets propz for being the horniest alien dragon librarian.


Hi there ^-^
I made this drawing about 2 years ago in OpenCanvas. I just registered here, so there's not much to see at the moment ghehe ^-^;
I hope you like it~
wip of this character, Jack Havock, from Larklight, the book im reading :) wip. suggestions and crits appreciated =]
This is East from The Lost Time, my own self made series. This is supposingly a giftart but I am not sure if this is good enough. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech, color by Photoshop 7.
well, heres my first sketch! i havent drawn in a while, so im a  bit off! this is luffy! hes my fav manga character from one piece!!!
comment please i would really like the comment and tell me what you think about it i drew it yesterday
well, its ehhrmm .. I think it is a nice sketch
Its a mecha so fat that it can't fight well so it uses puppets