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Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [:
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Squiditha Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [:
WOLF 2008-01-24 05:07:07 love your style.
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Random art
first try with markers. not that great, but it was fun. I called him sparky and it kind of stuck...
no witty/informative description needed, it's vash the stampede!
science lab sketch
lol i was bored and started making randon locoroco fan art X3
The theme of the picture represent a momment of mah life where i was unable to confess to a girl i like, and now she's far out of reach cuz i never got to ask for her contact even tho she's in a few of mah class, and i met up with her agian during the summer by coincidence and u know =/ sigh

anyways, i plan to cg this sometimes later. now, im off to play game and draw more pix
hi there
tell me what you think of this 
i made it last week
girl fluttering wind,
i colored my chocobo knight pic :)
we got the assignment to draw skeletons at the artschool , this is what came out o' my pencil , I kinda like it , but not a lot...
Another one from this summer. It's Phia. In her ass kicking outfit...yea...I don't know why she's wearing a mini skirt.

Time: 6 hours
Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm ///// Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) ///// Time: 10 h ||||||||||
A nice girl I made just jet, what do you think?
Ahhhhh, now this one is really old. Poster I did many years ago for my original sci-fi comic project 'Loyalites'. I've got a special place in my heart for these characters. Unfortunately original digital version of this image was lost long ago this is a scanned version of the printed image so the quality's a little whack.