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Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [:
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Squiditha Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [:
WOLF 2008-01-24 05:07:07 love your style.
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Random art
Rin Kagamine. Digital artwork!
line art for know 
i dont know what colors to use
Manga Art
i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking  of also making a colored version.
I know one wing is longer than the ohter, but I like how they were positioned.. But which wing do you like better? (The one bit with feathers on it or without)?
Critism/Comments/Suggestions Welcomed!!! ^^
I had to reshade the pic, cause my scanner never picks up light pencil markings.
A one-winged angel based on a character a friend of mine created. I was doing some concept art for him but got sidetracked and created this lol. It's a little dark.. it looked lighter on photoshop before i saved as jpg. C&C please ^^
he looks like ross from Friends XD
Just some bishi leaning against a wall. The proportions are all wrong, but I kinda like the result. The jacket was a lot of work.
Heres an older pic from a while back of Link from Wind Waker
Uhm... very very old. I remember spending a lot of time on this one, then I kinda forgot about it... Found it today cleaning my harddrive, added a bg and voila. Lotta things are off like: proportions, feet, legs, head, face, thickness of the lines, light, shading, etc. Knock yurself out on the c&c's ^^
The Grand Elder/ Headmistress of the magic school in a roleplay I'm starting up.
bored at school again, but i think i am going to work this out one day
made for my friend, Shere, i hope she likes it