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Small piece I did for new years; nothing big...
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MangaMageBlue Small piece I did for new years; nothing big...
Def Character 2008-01-04 04:22:29 Heh reminds me of Fruitbasket b^^ but isn't chinese newyear in the beginning Februari 6^^
Kimiko 2008-01-04 05:38:58 CUte, are you a mouse?? I think that i'm a monkey XD
MangaMageBlue 2008-01-05 02:35:29 Naw; I'm a snake lol
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Random art

a colored sketch
I normally struggle when starting peices.. but I read my horoscope the day I started this and it said that I'll be inspired and very creative.. and then poof. This appeared. =P Anyways, I dunno if I'm really happy with this one or not. I worked mainly with the coloring this time around. I just don't think I'm too proud of the hair style.. the rest I'm ok with. Also for the first time I drew and colored eyes in my true original style (the way I always draw them on paper). Let me know what you think.
burning sexy time.
well here is it whit bg i've made 2 version whit 1 little diffrent thing. please tell me whits one is better ^^ wel injoy
Another pencil sketch I did. Attempted to add shape but not sure if I like it.
Hi, this pick is kinda a 1 off, iwanted a 2 use a simple style that would look good if i cell shaded it on photoshop...oh, it should be finished soon:)
So much blue!
suppose to be our cheering costume but it was changed into a cooler costume...if i have time...i'll later draw it....thanks...i was just practicing to do shadowing....hehehe
A bit early for Halloween but had some free time on my hands.
another sketch xd
just though of placing my character bloodyspasm in another inviroment...a pirate ship..his legs are a bit too short , and his hand is totally wrong...