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Small piece I did for new years; nothing big...
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MangaMageBlue Small piece I did for new years; nothing big...
Def Character 2008-01-04 04:22:29 Heh reminds me of Fruitbasket b^^ but isn't chinese newyear in the beginning Februari 6^^
Kimiko 2008-01-04 05:38:58 CUte, are you a mouse?? I think that i'm a monkey XD
MangaMageBlue 2008-01-05 02:35:29 Naw; I'm a snake lol
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Hey mws! Whoot ^^ Long time, long time.. Anyway, this took me 2.5 hours. And damn it, didn't have enough energy to complete it. :(
Hi \(^.^)/ it's almost christmas holiday in the netherlands \(^.^)/ Yay!!!! This is my bookmarker, not colored yet (@.@)
TNMT!  Just trying to relive the old days when they were popular ha ha.
Original characters from my upcoming manga, "Kyloh." 

(c)2011 Jeigh Essdott
So.. I dont really have much to say about this one. First time going for realism-ish. Felt good while working on it, but now, dunno, kinda feels off for me.<BR>*edit* fiddled with eye, mouth and lipstick.
zabuza... :P
updated some skin shadows!!! XD i <3 winterbrake .. if this picture makes you yawn  it is a mission acomplished ^-^ i keep yawning and yawning while i was drawing it. What i like: purple <3, sweet hips <3, her projected shadow on the wall and her expresion. what i dont like, as usual the background and the persective. ^-^ C&C welcome ^-^
Ugly evil witch
Mech-esque pirate warrior?
Lol, anyways, enjoy! C&c please. ^^
One of my fav chars in claymore, highly under used, i drew this off of a chibi type drawing, came out in my own style hehe.
ahahaha just for fun...also older and inspired by the movie castle in the sky
my prototype character...nesugi

nesugi is combination of mouse and rabbit in japanese.
suppose is call nezugi but i prefer call him nesugi aka overslept ^^ that's why his eyes one big one a lil small
Warrior :D