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Ink Wash; about 2 hours.
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MangaMageBlue Ink Wash; about 2 hours.
Def Character 2008-01-02 16:34:58 bit sghort fingers but sweet artwork. One can see the effort put in this one ^^d
pencil no jutsu 2008-01-04 05:38:19 woow i like it
vic 2008-01-20 20:25:40 WOW!
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Random art
For my color commissions. If you want one, it's cash by mail, or we could do a trade. Color commissions are only 8-10 US dollars, depending on the time it takes me to complete it....yeah. If you want one, lemme know~

I've already made like, $40 so far. ^^
I decided to, or rather attempt, to draw a full female body portrait. Share your views and critiques guys! Much appreciated!
tis me, back from the dead...
Manga Art
page 5 layout
hi all msw members! this is not manga.. sorry! i am learning freehand and i tried this out! hope you all like it!
Ron, Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter in happier times. I think they are about 14 in this one. I still don't like markers and the markers I have are of pretty sucky quality, so I think I'm going to do this one also with coloured pencils.
Chibi made in Corel Draw, I had alot of fun making this

Just a drawing I made in Illustrator. My first drawing in illustrator really. I think she came out fine for my first time :P I like here very much. ^_^
Dear Ed Elric Fanbrats: Bishie Ed isn't cool. Here is a broken-down diagram discussing how lame and character-raping your art is. Thanxbai.  (Mature content marked just to be safe... lemme know if you think I don't need it)
Blah blah blah MSPaint, mouse, 11 hours, etc. stuff that nobody reads. Chibi group of all my male characters. I may do a female group, too, if this picture didn't completely drain me.

hamid ghalijari
This is one of my favorite non-inked manga drawings.