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My favorite original character, Alex!
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MangaMageBlue My favorite original character, Alex!
Def Character 2008-01-02 16:30:18 Good work. Heh ever read ichigo 100% Youd probably like the way the characters are drawn.
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Random art
My manga ninja!
Trunks fanart. I made this a while ago. I had just watched the episode of the Cell saga, when Trunks realises he can't beat Cell by just raising his power, because he also has to increase his speed. This is the moment Trunks realises that.
little explenation: I friend of mine tod me this: kage means shadow (kage=grey angel), but also rock. yami means darkness (yami=demon), but also paper. and shiroi meens white (shiroi=angel), but also shisors. that makes it: ROCK, PAPER, SHISORS!!^^
ai (the girl), kage, yami and shiroi are from my fanfic mamoru tenshi ©
READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT!!! (japanese way)
when I made this one, I probably where sleeping :P
"Wonder land"
Done in colored pencils, black marker and ink pen
What do you think?
C & C please <3 thanx
And again, I don't even know why I upload this as well. I cheap collage I made of some cool oekakies :P. I decided to share them with you ;). I really like the Kazuya and Gray Fox ninja. They are all mousedrawn in PhotoShop. Uhmm.... which one do you like? :P
Long time no post, have a school cat girl. ;)
this is a fanart of the movie *the Ring*
hey another oekakai! this time its Tachi Kawa performing his favorite attack, the "Dynamic Shot!" A move that can bend the very fabric of manga reality.
Dustin C.
This is a picture of a random girl I found online. It was way to cute not to draw.
Latest page from my weekly webmanga The Beast Legion . Need your support.
Made this one half a year ago for a contest. I still like the pose, I don't draw sitting people that much.
anela and her valentine luke. done in pastel chalk