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zacky vengeance from avenged sevenfold. JPEG screwed up the colors.
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Kryptonite zacky vengeance from avenged sevenfold. JPEG screwed up the colors.
mama_logon 2008-01-01 13:47:57 wow, good job
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Ooo dragon style! I wub dragons ^^ made it a bit agressive hehe hope you all like it ^^;

well link drawing is long from finnished and i wanted to do something els. i made this drawing in photoshop 7 in 2 and a half hours whit my cheap aldi tablet XD. well the idea is for a animation that i want to do that involves 2d and 3d
Very old.  this is what i used to do instead of paying attention in class...
Again a very large drawing of mine... 70x50 it's the original size and it took me some weeks to finish it... but I like it very much this time. I also wrote a poem, only in germn, but if somebody understand:

Ein Blick in deine Augen
zeigt mir Sicherheit, Liebe und Vertrauen,
ein Glücksgefühl durchströmt meinen Körper
und zeigt mir, dass ich dir vollkommen vertrauen kann, blind deinen grünen Augen folgen kann, 
ohne verraten oder missbraucht zu werden.

Das tiefe Grün zieht mich magisch in deinen Bann,
du, unwissend über das was du mit mir tust, lächelst nur, hälst mich fest und gibst mir Schutz.
Zu gerne verliere ich mich in deinen Armen und lass mich von deinem strahlenden Grün gefangen nehmen.
I know this is not manga, but I still want to show it to you. :)
a ball ore somthing:p i don't know just enjoy
and number two:)
this one is a bit nicer if it comes to composision
niwa daisuke together with wiz. from DN Angel©
A banner-type thing I made for the comic my friend and I are writing. :)
sorry pikachu...
Another Fushigi Yugi fanart! ^_^ I think this one turned out better than the previous one
Character interpretation for a guy in Germany.