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never is too late for a kingdom hearts II fanart.
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mama_logon never is too late for a kingdom hearts II fanart.
pencil no jutsu 2007-12-31 04:51:10 i like ith b^^
Zeph 2007-12-31 19:26:52 woah. i missed this post. i would ahve liked shading, but i like it
mama_logon 2008-01-01 13:52:43 I'm on it, just wanted to show this pic in plane colors almost as the art style on LoZ Windwaker. it's looking great but I think I'll post the finished pic
Def Character 2008-01-01 17:59:44 Yup we like to see that to b^^d
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Kamui from X
wee, purple xD  still love that color ^^ anyay, a girl named Devon at my school asked be to draw her a 'punk princess' a while back, and this is the result.  I tried out a new coloring technique.  I like it okay, but I think I'll probably revert back to smudging next picture xD  ah well.  The bg I'm not too happy with.  Just kind of random.  But I couldn't think of a less-abstract scene that would make sense behind her ._.;; *sigh* ah well
when I read/watch a series I like, I always think, 'if I had a character in this series, how would she be?' and then make one~

This is the character I made for Jak & Daxter...
she is of course in love with Jak~ I mean who wouldn't be XP
(UPDATE 30-06-05))Hey boys&girls. SUMMERTIME! but this art has nothing to do with that. Dont say it is.... yep its Sakura again (sigh). I drew her within 15 minutes (IN A FREAKIN HOT TRAIN!!) last week. I scanned this cute fighter and coloured it. Colouring did took me some more time. And read> DONT MIND THE PROPORTIONS in some parts, cause I did drew the style on purpose tp express some parts better. And the train was to DIE FOR!!!!!!!! thanks in advance ^^
i tried a new way of drawing the eyes i dont think it really shows here tho...
sry about the camera angle and quality (hope i get a scanner soon!!!)
Xik's new hairstyle...
LOL, I dont even know if I have an older pic of her on mangaworkshop to compare it to anyway xD
Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
her is some other stuff I hope you like it ^^ I think she looks very kawaii
pencil no jutsu
the day i drew this i relized trees leaves are really hard to draw
a little late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Dustin C.
i know the cat not so good but i the rest is pretty cool...rite?
Jun form the show on cartoon network
this is a witch on vacation and yes she does look very familier to the rock girl i drew but still i hope u like it^-^
some art I made on paint hehe.
I made this with the mouse