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XD i know it's not anime/manga, but critics are welcome, i tried to paint chinese style
 \(@.@)/ , i called it: birdie that looks up XD
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Kimiko XD i know it's not anime/manga, but critics are welcome, i tried to paint chinese style \(@.@)/ , i called it: birdie that looks up XD
Def Character 2007-12-22 16:15:33 ehe loving it b^^d only one detail ... the birdie seems to be sitting in another direction then the twig he is sitting on. So the little claws seemed to be a bit odd positioned now 6^^
Caffeine 2007-12-23 01:48:09 It's lovely
pencil no jutsu 2007-12-23 05:35:32 nice b^^d
Zeph 2007-12-24 00:34:27 yes. def c is right on what he said. but i like it
Kimiko 2008-03-28 02:34:51 andere tekening...
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I think I'm getting better at drawing in painter, this took about 2 hours to draw and colour.....I like anyway (except the ears are WAY too small!!) :3

This is so Out-Season-Ed... deal with it
this is very fun i like the shade on the kimono and the nose  v^_^v
pencil no jutsu
oee !!!!!!!! i like it aizuka you sure can color   d-^_^-b, well people as you can see thise is the elf from before but its colored by aizuka, ill color it myself some day too if i can find some free time ^^. well hope you like it
when i thought i lost the one my friend made my friends is better......................................................
fast sketch, I maby work out, but I dont no wat to make of it. 
do U have any suggestions?
ok, finished, this time i set my monitor really bright! so .... may be i went insane, What do you think of the background? the brightness? the texture? look, i tried using 2 light sources! AIKUZA: look, no purple hair ^-^. Her ass still stand out too much ¬_¬. Comments are welcome!
i actually finshed it, I tried changing her leg, but it didnt turn out for any better, so i left it alone ^^;;; And yes, the dice perspective wasnt ok, i changed it a little and with all the lights effects that big mistake got camouflaged xD. Oh, i noticed something, i draw long bangs ._. which KILLS any facial expression
Lilith is believed to have originated as a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind & was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness & death. In ancient Semitic folklore, Lilith is a female demon who attacks children.
Yep... It is a merry xmaz to my MWS peeps. Hmmm... This art sucks. Well, didnt had time to make a better one. And im lazy to explain whats going on in this pic XD. Done with Tablet in PhotoShop CS. Time: 1 Hour. Hmmm fast and cheap . :D:D:D:D crap
Oh man I do need to practice more .. So many mistakes (hand, pose, perspective..) I really need to find more time to draw because whenever I take a slight 'pause' (of, say, 2 months) I never get better .. This stuff still has the same feel like the first drawings I submitted here .. Anyway, it is unfinished as you can see & sorry for the low quality!
Sometimes I question my sanity. But in the end, I don't really care. =P