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yeah... I have no idea how this came about...
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Avaeccus yeah... I have no idea how this came about...
Kimiko 2007-12-22 12:33:01 wished that i could read japanese, \(^.^)/ the characters are very cute
SHIN 2007-12-22 13:59:45 I read it, but..XD does this story have to make sense?
Def Character 2007-12-22 16:11:26 I wouldn't know cause i can't read it XD
pencil no jutsu 2007-12-23 05:45:56 its verry funny i want to know what he says XD
SHIN 2007-12-23 13:17:23 E!? Daijoubu desu ka? etto? nani kore!?, am I right? =)
Avaeccus 2007-12-23 20:11:06 yup, it's pretty simple dialogue.
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Random art
i was experimenting with lights effects... i need more practice... this was inspired on an idea from a friend, wich is based on a song called "To the Ocean" by Joan Keegan. the original light was set to looks like a sunset, but need lot of work to make it... also need a god bground
im wanting to color this, so crits would be more helpful. Just a quick sketch
I could have right a long description about this one ...
but I am bored so here is the usual one : "..."
I don't know why, but i've drawn two consecutive BG's, the world is coming to it's end!
anyway, throw a comment please :3
I just finish reading Bleachvol. 48-49 and when i saw ichigo final...i just had to draw i did...took me 2 days
I was in a good mood today^^
requested by Jaundra (from SA)
Heh, just another sketch  ^_^
It's at least 1 yr old, but I still love the detail & composition, but the faces and bodies bother me.  There is a twisted, complicated backstory too... (pencil sketch, pen, & sharpie)
His loyalty was questioned  … and his trial was set … … “kill the one who love the most to prove your loyalty to your master and regain your honor… or die as traitor ”. She said how much she loves him … … and that it would be all right to die  … he knows he want be able to live without her … but he only knows the way of the warrior  … tonight he will draw his sword for the last time
Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm ///// Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) ///// Time: 10 h ||||||||||
eahhheehahhhh lool
Remake of the first picture in my   gallery   130695.html which was done two   years ago, when I was 14. I wanted to   see how much I improved ^_^

My OC, Haley Esther (who is subject   of good 1/4 of my drawings, but haven't   thought of a story nor solid character   design for him yet, I probably never   will) playing around with things on his   messy bed.

This picture   took me so much time, holy- little   details with pencil crayons is death.   X_X

Done with Prismacolor   markers and pencils, as usual. I like   how I left the pants open, it says a lot   about the character I'm thinking of O_o
Quiiiiick sketch. I had fun. :D And no, my art style hasn't changed to be like this. I was just oddly affected by the music I was listening to at the time. :B So yeah, Hina, whooo. Crit if you really feel like it, but I already know it's a poor sketch and I probably won't listen to you 'cause I don't care. 8D;