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It's me ... drawn in ms paint, try not to be too scared ... DX,
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Lozz It's me ... drawn in ms paint, try not to be too scared ... DX,
Def Character 2007-11-24 17:32:28 woah a tougher version of the cute Lozz i know 6^^ The nosebridge is a tiny bit different the chin a bit more pointy/square in this one...
SHIN 2007-11-25 16:37:06 nice ^^
Zeph 2007-11-25 18:35:46 pretty cool. i like that it's in ms paint. great work
pencil no jutsu 2007-11-27 04:27:38 nice one b^_^d
kandy_pish 2008-07-27 10:21:35 wow. howd u do that!?! T^T
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Random art
Matt with a poorly drawn Fender Telecaster. I like my airbrushing though XD.
Randomness >_<''
characters from my own project called Aesir. 
It's been a while since I've uploaded something here...Still getting a bit used to everything.
About the picture;There are still some typical anatomy related mistakes, and the composition is tiny bit off. Done with Neopiko fineliners and Touch Twin markers.

Anyway, hope you like!
I haven't uploaded my artwork here in ages, I've been trying to improve my drawing as well as my coloring skills. This is just some random girl I started drawing, in the end i liked how it turned out so I added some coloring to it.
um slight nudity, with her booty...and
Manga Art
Just just drew the first thing that came to mind .... I think it's safe to say that I have quite an odd mind XD
Original characters, the girl (yes, that's a girl, no she's not an elf, she's youkai) is named Laena and the horse is name Verstralis. I'm actually rather proud of this one...even though my CGing sucks and I haven't drawn/CG'ed in like ages >_>; Used with Paint Shop Pro 7
"Growing over my head", I feel really bad at this moment. Things grow over my head and I'm just done with it, I don't want to think about it anymore, but on the same time I can't do anything else. I'm starting to get angry with myself and with others. I just... feel sad.
fire sorcerer!
Best of all artwork
My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu
this is the first mech that i have done
Look it's Raguel!  Hope you don't mind me doing so... I just wanted to see how it looks like non sketchy. If you do mind just let me know and I will delete it ASAP ^^
Def Character