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A character of myself.
Artist Description
Steph A character of myself.
Def Character 2007-11-22 04:37:39 Top Nudge b^_^ You can delete the double pic by the way...
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-11-22 07:58:15 Super!!
pencil no jutsu 2007-11-24 16:06:19 wooow nice verry nice
SHIN 2007-11-25 16:33:51 I really like the sketchyness of this piece ^^ very appealing
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Random art
this is very fun i like the shade on the kimono and the nose  v^_^v
pencil no jutsu
mp3 juice
:D:D:D:DOh my goddess:D:D:D:D
This drawing speaks by itself, as they see is a CATBOY that tangle in its own ball
kinda chibi but exelent in every way
part 1 of three...does it look familiar at all?
this was done 3-4 years ago
Winter Bliss
Me and my pen-friend Kate enjoying to making snowman in a happy winter day! ^^
This pic i call " Dude Frill " Frill means in swedish, hait cut but it sounds wacky... dude hair cut... anyway i saw the anime Bleach and saw this charater Tatsuki-chan. She has a freaking cool haircut that is a little similar to mine so i drawed her and then i got the idea that i should draw me too :D      The hair is nasty too shade and highlight...
This is an old lay-out image for my site.
Long time no posting. I lost my drawings, so I made new ones. Hope you like it.
I am new to MangaWorkShop, Hi All! Hope I will be posting more of my art in the future.

Thanks for the input
A quick concept sketch of a character I'm working on for a friend of mine.