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Lilium Fanart for "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind" ^^ With Nausicaa herself and Teto the fox-squirrel
Def Character 2007-11-19 15:34:31 Very nice work ^^ i like it ...
SHIN 2007-11-19 19:13:22 d^^b
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 08:26:30 I'd like to say something nice, but since I'm deathly afraid of squirrels... Uhm, yeah... If the thingy wasn't a fox-SQUIRREL I'd love it =D
Lilium 2007-11-20 10:54:12 ahw why r u affraid of them?? O.o they're cute xD
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 13:02:40 I SWEAR they're planning to take over the world. I know it sounds stupid, but I also know it's true.
Lilium 2007-11-20 13:09:34 well as long as they rule the world better then human do, u wont hear me complaining bout it
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 13:20:05 And as long as you don't help them, I can let you live. ^_^'
Lilium 2007-11-20 13:21:54 ofc i wont help... too lazy for that xD ofc the squirrels could be planning to eliminate every human
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 13:32:31 ofc? Well, they are planning just that. But first they need to win our trust. That's why most people think they're cute.
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<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p> Yes. <p>Please comment. Feedback is most definitely welcome and suggestions will be taken into consideration. =D And PLEASE do not steal. >.< <p><p>Page Four of the story.
LM MENTS page 12
Wow! havent been here in ages! also didnt add alot of work here O.o' ah well.. just look at my website for those =p anyway made this one today ^^ and it's for a custom case for my iphone xD
my colored pencil privileges were revoked :(. honestly, I like it way better in just ink. kind of shaky since I drew it in the car...
This creature of the night is called: "Sphinx". She rules the powers of the moon, but she's not sailormoon!!!
this is jun tao from shaman king!!! but not the stupid anime version, its the one from the manga!!! i really like this pic cause i wasnt smart enough to do an ink wash, so i just did dots...  lots an' lots of dots.         its dont with ink and nib      and unfortunatly im not talented enougth to make that pose, its from the manga!
What happens when the mind is bored and you're waiting between computers to install new antivirus software for a bunch of teachers.<br><br>

I tend to think I have major major Henson and Lucas inspirations when it comes to creature designs. ^^;<br><br>

I WILL be doing something more advanced with these two creatures in later pictures, they're just too fun not to.<br><br>

Simple mechanical pencil on simple 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper.<br><i>~~Bee 12/19/2005</i>
my own creation xD 14/10/12 its abput a guy (takia) who found the key between death and life

Long time no upload! ^_^' This is a Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden fanart. I totally love that manga! ^_^ These are Takiko and Limdo/Uruki. Somehow, Limdo/Uruki is looking younger than he should :( Oh well, I'm pretty satisfied with this one. Please comment ^_^
Erm...i kinda mixed up all the layers and blending and stuff and it didn't turn out very clean >_> forgive the mistakes...i have yet to completely figure out the blending
A picture I drew for a friend. I wanted to draw some sort of monster with an exoskeleton type skull lol so I did.
I made a Kakashi drawing with coloured pencils...^^
Oh mickey mickey momo.
Greetings Muru Kitty
Muru Kitty