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Lilium Fanart for "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind" ^^ With Nausicaa herself and Teto the fox-squirrel
Def Character 2007-11-19 15:34:31 Very nice work ^^ i like it ...
SHIN 2007-11-19 19:13:22 d^^b
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 08:26:30 I'd like to say something nice, but since I'm deathly afraid of squirrels... Uhm, yeah... If the thingy wasn't a fox-SQUIRREL I'd love it =D
Lilium 2007-11-20 10:54:12 ahw why r u affraid of them?? O.o they're cute xD
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 13:02:40 I SWEAR they're planning to take over the world. I know it sounds stupid, but I also know it's true.
Lilium 2007-11-20 13:09:34 well as long as they rule the world better then human do, u wont hear me complaining bout it
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 13:20:05 And as long as you don't help them, I can let you live. ^_^'
Lilium 2007-11-20 13:21:54 ofc i wont help... too lazy for that xD ofc the squirrels could be planning to eliminate every human
Wicked_Lady 2007-11-20 13:32:31 ofc? Well, they are planning just that. But first they need to win our trust. That's why most people think they're cute.
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Random art
just some char design to start me off.
two of my favorite anime characters
this is a picture requested from a very good friend of mine. Comments? Crits?
i like this draw i hope you like it c&c are very welcome !!!!
:D a random drawing I made... a rough concept for a character I guess...
and i do NOT like that staff one bit ;P
a Strip
It is a guy...
My very first oekaki^_^ It turned out pretty well I think. Only her hair looks a bit odd to me.
Simple sketch and inked... trying to practise with wings and ink and everything..
Well this is a combination of color,line art and graphite (pencil) Well it a pic of ~*~ME~*~ broken into pieces it was 4 my art class but i liked the way it came of so i put it on here. Feel free to Critque
Mussgo from Porter.
Zaraki Kenpachi... 'cause he's awesome ;)

Hope you like ^^
... ...
ah "NikA did a fan art???" well yes, is more like male anatomy practice .... and yes i am (yet another) a kakashi fangirl =3