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this is my best drawing. It was hard but it turned out great :p enjoy the crappy show :P
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D.N.Z. this is my best drawing. It was hard but it turned out great :p enjoy the crappy show :P
Def Character 2007-11-15 15:53:49 The ear and her hands are a tiny bit small but other then that very nice ^^d
SHIN 2007-11-16 05:01:02 keep at it ^^ other than what Def said, the anatomy looks good
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Random art
Another boredom-induced self portrait. Hai guys.
not finished yet. having a hard time on her crown thingy.
Hey (^^) I'm JJ and still learning how to draw :P. I'm the lil bro of Kinjima and a friend of Hayate.
This Character Is Hikorta
Hi, just made a quick sketch of this, still working on arms and legs though...
( terrible quality. i didnt finish coloring this due to my laziness xP

One of my fav chars in claymore, highly under used, i drew this off of a chibi type drawing, came out in my own style hehe.
I dunno. 8D Just some BS sketch while trying to think of the most cliche possible death for dearest turkeyboy. Because he -needs- to die. :D Dunno why, but my style hiccuped in this picture, and it looks slightly like the style in old '80s anime. ... but anyway, don't bother critiquing it; it's just a 20-minute sketch.
no idea
Here is my first piece of digital art.  It has some issues on the coloring and I know that.  But my computer and program were pitching a fit and not letting me fix it.  But any suggestions to make it better would be welcomed.
Draco Lunara
The demon in the Faust legend bargains with the latter for wealth, knowledge, etc. in exchange for his soul.
heres pg two tuh my manga
the main character in my Renegade series : Renegade himself.

renegade (c) emerson tung
My first drawing in my new sketch book. The scanner kinda screwed up the color, but over all not to shabby. I hope you ENJOY @_@