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Amelia Ellson
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Rin Amelia Ellson "Spades" Egyptian Mau Time: 4 hours
Def Character 2007-11-13 15:35:11 The tail is a tiny bit flat but nice design...
Zeph 2007-11-13 16:42:12 i agree with def about the tail. nice pants though
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Random art
Probably the last picture I'll upload here for awhile. I'm really happy about this one. Thoughts?
more schtuff
Royal Icing pg 53, now in print on and online at
i know this aint manga, but i hope its ok anyway...

so i was asked by a friend from a metal band to draw something for their upcoming show ya now... so i made this... whaha fagy story... I NEVER DRAWN MONSTERS AND GORE STUFF BEFORE so this is like the first time please comment!
Final design of my Yuri T shirt
uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
A friend asked me to draw Uezurii and Li play fighting last night, but this is all I could come up with. I know the heads are big and the anatomy suck, but I just messed around and played with it. It's just something simple XD Sketched this all on MSN, ah well
soo another one.. my first SORA from Kingdom Hearts. 
okay it's not perfect..  the left arm is not correct.. 1eye is to small.. etc etc. lol but I like it.. ^^
The devil herself seems sweet in comperation to her!! when your time is up for the hell flames she'll gladly guide you there!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHA

XxX to the fans
Smokerrrr, no not captain smoker
a smoker

Buzz-kun for Bee-chan ^^

A Bee-lated Bee-day pic for Bee-chan! :D (yes, I am silly, why do you ask?)
not much to say. Now bow to me or burn ... =3 ~meowww~ I am still avoiding drawing backgrounds >_> but dont tell anyone. Oh yes, that is a gun <_< but it doesnt look like one ^_^U. i dont usually do complementary colors so i only like the drawing because of that.
a character i was designing