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The legs of the boy are messed up, and the eyes are different from what I usually draw, but I'm happy, u 2??
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Kimiko The legs of the boy are messed up, and the eyes are different from what I usually draw, but I'm happy, u 2??
Def Character 2007-11-11 07:54:13 It looks very cute. Keep 'm coming b^^d
ukkie 2007-11-11 10:43:06 looks cute ^_^ Your drawing style has a nice, soft feeling to it. The legs and arms are a little too thin though. And where does the guy leave his hands? XD
Octobergirl 2007-11-11 11:43:01 I think it looks pretty good :), but I do think you have to work on femal proportions. And I like the eyes btw!
SHIN 2007-11-11 15:43:21 I think the female proportion is ok though. It's because she doesn't look matured. well you already commented yourself about the legs. the important thing is that you've tried ^^
Kimiko 2007-11-13 11:16:53 thanx for the comments \(^.^)/ I tried to draw the hands but it looks horrible, so when I saw that I still had to do my homework, I gave up \(o.0)/hehe,-.- Life is a paradise, without homework XD
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this design reminds me of bleach
hey ! it's a maid XD I was studying the clothes and the positioning in here, I used a reference though. the hand is a bit off, but I don't really care XP *tehe*
This is me.

It's ca. 5-7 hour work XD

I hope you like it^^

so, for the past...well, since semester started, really, I've been bored shitless in math.  So....I started drawing he kid next to me.  And this is by far the most productive thing to come of fourth hour in the past several weeks ;^^ lol
Old sketch ...A girl from GANTZ 
don't remember the name :P
Yay i finaly coloured it. Toke me about 5 hours to colour. Crits please...!
pencil no jutsu
An older picture, picturing one of my friends and her friend as superheroes/magical girls of some kind.
A really quick selfpotrait of sorts.
magical bird
this is my first drawing 
that I painted with psp 
so I could use some help^_^
And here is the line-art ^_^ it surprised me that it didn't take long to finish this, just an hour or so. I'm very pleased with this drawing =)
My interpretation of Mother Mary & Baby Jesus.
Rather generic (and badly drawn) Garrett. Woo